Where we stand right now

Just wanted to put a brief note about what we’re currently working on to get ready for the trip.  First, we got our house listed and we’re praying that it sells quickly and for a good price.  Next, I’m working on finding a “road trip buddy” for my drive from Airdrie to Tlaxiaco.  Think Dumb and Dumber and you can imagine how much fun it’ll be!  Anyone interested?

My Spanish training is going slowly, but only because I haven’t put a lot of effort in recently.  Getting a house ready to sell and launching a website takes time!  I can say this though “Me espousa es muey bonita”  🙂  I may have spelled that wrong.

We’re working on getting going with our fundraising.  We are hoping to partner with many people to make this experience a strong one; both for my family as well as for those that help out.  And to be clear, we are raising support in both prayer and finances.  We need both, and any bit would be appreciated.  More to come on that, but please start praying and asking the Lord if He wants you to be involved.


2 Replies to “Where we stand right now”

  1. Sheesh. You should take Phil. That is in his top 5 favorite movies….

    Harry: “I got… I gotta stop and got to the bathroom”

    Lloyd: “Just go man. Oh… that’s really warm.”

  2. If I end up selling my “shaggin wagon” for a mini-bike I’ll be in DEEP trouble. But I like the idea of throwing salt at Cam Neely!

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