What are You waiting for?

There’s a part in the movie “The Incredibles” where Mr Incredible sees a little kid staring at him.  So he asks the kid “What are you waiting for?”  The kid answers back,

“I don’t know, something Incredible!”

I think I can understand that thought.

I’ve found myself becoming increasingly unsatisfied with what my life looks like at the moment.  I can’t say there is anything in particular, it’s just the lack of…something.

Something.  But what?

I wish I knew what it is.  It could be a lack of excitement, it could be a dislike of the daily grind and all it’s “joys” (ugh, transit), or it could just be winter.  Winter is really making me angry this year.  I’ve always thought that the cold weather and snow is what made Canadians more manly than Americans; but after spending a year out of it?  I don’t care.  I am totally willing to give up frost bite, blizzards and frozen vehicles.  Yup, I am ready to leave the snow behind.

But anyways.  Back to the main idea!

A few months back we made a choice about out future and how we would be serving God at this time.  We were confident that we had followed His leading and direction.  But now, I don’t know.  I’m pretty sure I know, but there is a slight chance some doubt is creeping in.

I wonder if these feelings are God’s way of getting us ready for a change.  Or perhaps it is a spiritual attack to keep us from fully doing what we should be doing.  Or again, perhaps it is that stinkin cold weather.  Man, I wish I could figure it out.  But if a change is coming, I have to ask God:

“What are You waiting for?”

I’d sure love something big and amazing to happen.  Because I think I would be smart enough to figure out what to do afterward.  No guarantees of course!

In the meantime we keep slugging away.  Waiting for cool stuff.  Shouldn’t we see plenty of really cool stuff when we serve the Lord?  I think so.

[here’s a question for you: If you believe in God, what is He capable of doing? Then if what He is capable of doing is not what you are seeing, why?]

[If you don’t believe in God, pretend He exists and then ask the same question. ]

This has a good chance to be cool.  This weekend we are hosting a “celebracion de navidad” with our Latino house church/ bible study/small group.  Michelle is making a turkey and we’ve asked everyone else to bring something from their country.  We could have anywhere from us to 20 or more people.  We don’t know.  So we’re praying for lots of people.  And we’re praying for God to move.  The last thing we want is normal.

I’m so sick of normal.

Blow it up, God.  I’m ready.

What are You waiting for?


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  1. Wow Ryan! I loved reading this post, and it’ll be cool to stand back and watch what God does in your life after telling Him to “God ahead and blow it up”. I think I’m too scared to say something like that to God!

    Love, Heidi and Paul

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