What a good day!

Actually, it’s been a couple of really good days of encouragement.  On Friday I was on the bus (perhaps feeling just a little bit sorry for myself) and was looking forward to a short chat with a Christian buddy.  Right before we started talking I prayed “God, please give him some words of encouragement for me”.  Perhaps a bit selfish?

Well, right at the end of our conversation, the topic which I cannot remember, my friend stated “And it just goes to show that God will always do what He said He will do.”  I can remember then hearing the Lord state “that was for you, Ryan.  Don’t worry, the house will sell”.

This morning our church brought us up on stage and allowed us a few minutes to talk about our trip and how people can get involved.  Michelle and I kind of deliberately chose to not mention financial need, believing that it was more important to ask for prayer.  After an awfully encouraging moment of corporate prayer where the pastors, missions committee and members of our life group prayed for us we ended up in the foyer talking to people.  So many people signed up to pray for/ with us.  Amazing how so many wanted to be involved.

One other moment that I want to mention.  We have been praying for the financial support of this trip to start coming in and haven’t heard anything.  But today we were chatting with one of the girls who works in the church office and she commented “Oh you’re the Diks?  I was wondering who you were.  We keep getting cheques in for your trip!”  You can imagine how our hearts jumped.  No word on amounts, and any and all is appreciated greatly.  But I do suspect it is probably exactly what we need to this point.  Thank you to all who have given so far, I don’t think we can ever tell you how much we appreciate it.

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