We’re so sick of moving

Yup, moving out of the house is really starting to hurt.  I think if we were simply throwing stuff in boxes to take to a new house it wouldn’t be as bad.  And if we had a harder deadline, like a possession date for new owners.  But since we’re seperating stuff into “Mexico”, “Storage” and the “What were we thinking keeping this around for this long?” piles it’s taking much longer.  ugh.

But, all of the big items that require 2 people have been moved out.  Except for the piano.  And we’re down to the little, annoying items that we have been avoiding sorting out.  They’ll probably just end up in boxes and taken to the storage unit.  Enough is enough.  I want to have that house vacant.

No news on a possible sale.  Please keep praying for an answer.  Our bed time story with the kids tonight was about Abraham and Isaac and the sacrifice request from God.  This story has been brought up in my mind a few times lately.  God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, and then provided a ram to get him out of it.  So I shouldn’t think what He’s asked of us is too hard.  Sell a house compared to sacrifice a son?  Ya, no contest.  No matter how bad the market is around here. Please keep praying for our agent, he’s doing an awesome job of trying to find a buyer.

Also, please keep praying as we prepare for my drive to Mexico.  It’s looking like the van is going to be REALLY full.  We need some wisdom on what to take, or what not.


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  1. Isaiah 43:19
    “God will make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.”

    God will make a way
    where there seems to be no way.

    He works in ways we cannot see;
    He will make a way for me.

    He will be my guide,
    hold me closely to His side.

    With love and strength for each new day;
    He will make a way.
    He will make a way.

    (words and music adapted by Don Moen)

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