Wells are supposed to have water

But, not these ones.  We dug two holes in Tepos this week.  The first was about 15 metres deep and the second was almost 17 metres.  And nothing but dirt.  It’s amazing though how often we thought that we were getting close.  “Yup, you see those tiny little stones?  That means water is right underneath.”

20 minutes later.

“Hey, you see how there are no little stones?  That means water is getting closer.”

Somehow spending 4 days in the sun walking in circles makes all of us geologists and hydrologists (I assume it is someone who knows where water is).

We did accomplish a good number of items on the church building.  Mixing cement, making forms, carrying cement, pouring cement, keeping the cement wet.  And we made some cool friends in the church there too.  So in the end it was a good time and a good outreach.  I wasn’t involved with our medical clinic team but they did AWESOME.  They got to see a bunch of people and prayed with many of them.  Good seeds planted there.

Pictures are up on www.diks.ca for your enjoyment.  Just go ahead and click here.


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