Vacation Days#’s , um I forgot…

This is pretty typical of me.  I get going on writing daily and then get tired, too busy or perhaps just run out of words.  As much fun as we’re having on vacation, it is possible for stuff to become a little bit of a grind.  I mean, how many times can you try to describe driving down the road or shopping or swimming or visiting family?

So here’s the quick stats from the last couple of days:

Family visited: 2 grandparents

Surprise meetings: while visiting Michelle’s grandparents at the manor where they live, we found out that their nurse was my mom’s college roommate.  Crazy

Cases of pop purchased: 7 (so far).  3 Cherry Coke, 2 Dr Pepper Vintage (made with real sugar) and 2 Mountain Dew Vintage

Military ships visited: 5.  Did a full tour of a Vietnam era Destroyer, then stopped in a parking lot that was right beside 4 aircraft carriers that were docked.  Jared also spotted a submarine through a fence at the navy base we drove past.

Number of degrees reached: yesterday was in the mid 90’s and the rest of this weekend will be the same.  Nice.

Today we’ll be heading into Salem to visit some friends and do a little more shopping.  And since I probably won’t remember to write tomorrow, we’re heading to a family reunion in Vancouver, WA.  And it’s our anniversary.


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