Vacation Day 2 – Proving how immature a 32 year old can be

Greetings from Port Angeles, WA.  Famous for being the lavender capital of the USA, and possibly the world.  Lots and lots of purple around here.

We’re here hanging out with the Fodge family and not driving for a few days.  Should be a good time.

Highlights of today’s driving…

1. Hanging out with Paul and Heidi H in Abbotsford.  Had some AMAZING lunch.

AMAZING lunch!!!

Thanks guys.  Fully enjoyed our time with you.

2. Playing “that other car doesn’t know we’re playing tag tag” on the interstate.  We played the game today with a red Hyundai for a couple of hours.  I thought we had lost them, but they kept showing up.  Come to think of it, I suspect they knew what we were playing.  I beat them, again because I decide when the game ends.

Take that you silly Hyundai.  Never take me on in my own made up game.

3. The drive from Kamloops to Port Angeles is filled with amazing place names that will make any normal human male laugh.  Or at least giggle enough to make his wife stare at him in disbelief.





Kitchen Dick

See, you can’t stop laughing.  They’re awesome.


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  1. Totalls laughing minutes after reading it! lol Thanks for joining the blogging world again 🙂 Your absence was noticed 😉

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