Vacation, Day 1 – No Birds Were Killed

Yup, it’s true.  We tend (like one out of three times) to kill a bird of some kind as we start a road trip and it didn’t happen this time.  There was almost a crow last night as we came home from picking kids 1 and 2 up from camp, but we didn’t count it.  (And don’t think I didn’t contemplate taking more proactive actions to spice up the story)

(Oh ya, the killing of the bird is typically performed by it flying into or neglecting to get out of the way of our van.  We don’t hunt down a bird and perform a sacrifice.  That would be strange.)

(this is an abuse of brackets)

I think we’ll be ok though.  Day #1 was pretty good.  Away on time, no problems in traffic and arrived here in Kamloops earlier than expected.  Katria even took a nap, even if it was for 10 minutes before we woke her up to eat ice cream and see the caged animals.

That’s just the kind of parents we are; on vacation ice cream and zoo creatures are WAY more valuable than sleep.

Uneventful is probably the theme of the day.  Any fun stuff would be misunderstood, but here are the highlights.

1. Playing highway tag with a couple of cars between Calgary and Canmore.  I’m not sure they knew we were playing the game though.  In fact they may have been pretty ticked the way I kept passing them after they passed me.  And they had to be REALLY annoyed that I eventually won in my mini-van.  The key in “They don’t realize that we’re playing tag tag” is to declare the finish line while you’re winning.

2. The rain was pretty steady once we entered into BC.  Except in two specific places.  Revelstoke, where we stopped for a picnic lunch.  And at the dairy where we got ice cream.  We decided it was a God thing.

3. Meeting a nice family from England in the hotel pool.  The kids played and we chatted.  I guessed he was from the UK and he said “Oh, most people think our accent is Australian!”  To which I replied “Oh no, that’s obviously an English accent.”  But what I was thinking was “I’ve never seen an Australian with teeth like that.”

I’m such a jerk.

Tomorrow it’s on to Port Angeles, WA with a stop over in Abbotsford, BC to see the Hursts.  Should be fun!


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