This weeks schedule

Thank you to all who have recently given funds to us.  They are extra needed this week as we have to make a couple of long distance trips.

First, we are going to Oaxaca City on Wednesday to pick up our tourist visas.  We had applied for a longer term missionary visa but that was denied.  So our tourist visas are still needed.  Please pray for safety on the drive and a quick visit to the immigration office.

Next, since our tourist visas will not last our entire time down here (they are only for 180 days) we will need to leave the country and then reenter to get a new 180 days.  To do that we are packing the family up this weekend (leaving at 0100 Saturday morning) and driving non-stop to Texas.  It’s about a 20 hour drive and we plan to go all the way in on shot.  So hopefully we will be there by late evening.  Please pray that our vehicles (we’re going up with another family carvan style) will run perfectly, that there will be no run ins with the local police (they can be interesting) and that there will be no troubles at the border going into the US or coming back into Mexico.

Thanks everyone.


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