The return of the internet!

I am so hopelessly addicted to the internet.  I never fully realized how much it is a part of my life and routine until we arrived in Texas four days ago and didn’t have a connection until today.  Man, I missed checking the news.  I missed sports.  I missed checking my Facebook page and getting annoyed with the shallowness of people’s lives.  (don’t worry, I’m deeply interested in what YOU have to say.  It’s the others that drive me nuts.)

And with the return of the internet comes a return to blogging.  When we last wrote something we had just arrived in Billings, Montana after a super long day of driving and importing a vehicle.  Remember that?  Good times.  Since then we have driven for four more days, arrived in Sugar Land, unpacked the trailer, tried to make sense and sanity of our new apartment, met new friends, unpacked boxes, unpacked boxes, unpacked boxes…

See a pattern?

Since no one wants a long recap of the road trip, I’ll do a quick summary.  This is also good since the four days of driving were somewhat south of boring.  Let me see if I can properly draw the word pictures.

Wyoming – they have red roads.  And mountains.  And a fireworks outlet store.  The end.

Colorado – a very nice place.  Beautiful overpasses, massive house-flies and very bumpy inter-states.  Also, our new American cell-phones were never sure if they had signal or not.  They *beep* every time they leave and enter coverage and for a day they seemed to be awfully confused as to whether they were cell-phones or some kind of beep machine.  (honestly, I just thought for 5 minutes on what kind of machine produces lots of beeps and came up with “beep machine”.  Who said TV kills cells brain?)

In Colorado we also took a day off from travelling and visited with our friends the Nagels and the Haynes.  We haven’t really seen either family since living alongside them in Mexico.  This was a fun day filled with slip and slide and playgrounds for the kids.

Kansas – Think Wyoming, minus the red roads, mountains and explosive stores.  And then subtract another 100 points on the awesome scale.  Here’s an actual text I sent to my friend Dan, “Dear God, why is Kansas so boring?  Please get me out of here.  Signed, Ryan.”  Katria voiced her displeasure with entering Kansas by barfing up her breakfast.  Although, that happened in Colorado so she could’ve also been announcing her dislike of Colorado, or bumpy roads, or yogurt.  It’s a toss up.  (get it?)

Oklahoma – Kansas but hotter.

Texas – hot, crazy busy interstates, really cool buildings, a Sonic drive-in every 2 miles where they feature half-price drinks every day from 2 – 4 (yum), also where our new home is.

And there you have our trip down.  I wish I could’ve spiced it up more, but I already did more than is literarally (I swear that is a word) responsible.  You know, because we care about integrity and stuff here.


Here’s an actual email from a friend of ours, based on the previous blog post where we mentioned A&W and the difference between them in the US and Canada.  The recap is this:  Canadian A&W = garbage.  American A&W = the opposite of garbage

“I’m excited about American A&W.  I want a blog post entirely about the yummy encounters you have in your travels.  If we mean a lot to you like you say we do… You will make this a reality.” – “PM”  (those who need to know, know who that is)

Well “PM”, here is the response.  We love to make people’s dreams about culinary experiences written down in barely English blog format a reality.  May we also suggest that you work towards better dreams?  Like beating me in Settlers of Cataan one day?

Our culinary experiences on the trip from Airdrie to Sugar Land: (as I best can remember without looking at receipts or asking Michelle)

Day 1: cereal at in-laws, Tim Horton’s, snacks at the Sweet Grass border crossing rest stop, American A&W, no supper for anyone due to the large caloric intake at A&W

Day 2: Holiday Inn Express breakfast bar, Burger King chicken sandwiches for $1 a piece (not worth it), milkshakes at McDonald’s, Ruby Tuesday for salad because our bodies were still barely dealing with the grease from the chicken sandwiches at lunch.

Day 3: La Quinta Inn breakfast bar (not as good as Holiday Inn Express), sandwiches, chips and Cokes with the Nagels, BBQ beef with the Haynes.

Day 4: cereal and yogurt at the Haynes, Egg McMuffin (Ryan) and hashbrown (Michelle) from McDonald’s, Subway BMT on Parmesan Oregano bread (this month’s $5 footlong, next month is Buffalo Chicken!), then supper at a Perkins that was right next to a hotel pool where we got the added show of some pool bunnies taking a dip.  Oh ya,  overweight Europeans (I assume) in Speedos.  Check please!

Day 5: Best Western breakfast bar (better than LaQuinta, still not as good as Holiday Inn Express), McDonald’s, chile at the Windham’s upon arrival

And there you have our road trip culinary experiences.  Don’t you just wish you were with us for each meal?

Thanks to everyone for their prayers on our trip down.  Some time soon we’ll do an update on life in Sugar Land.  We’ve got a lot of work to do to get settled and get into the ministry.  And we’ll have to get it done soon as there is a team coming into town next week for a short term trip with Global Frontier Missions.  Also, Mission Training School gets started at the beginning of August so we are getting prepared for those families to arrive.  Oh ya, we need to also get new drivers licenses, register the kids in school, register the van, buy insurance, finding where all the rest of my clothes are packed because I’ve been wearing the same shirts and shorts for two weeks…


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    1. Candy? Does Coke and milkshakes count? Both Michelle and I are stunned at realizing that we didn’t have any. None. Odd. Super, super odd.

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