The Matthew 6 Dare – Part 4

Wow!  Part 4 already?  I honestly don’t know how many parts there are to go, I’m just copying and pasting from the Word document I was typing in all month.  Thanks for sticking around this long.  Hopefully you have learned something in all of this as well!

Here are the other parts, if you missed any of them:

Yup, you guessed it.  Part 5 is coming tomorrow!


September 6, 2012

We’ve got about $80 bucks in the bank and need to buy gas and groceries.  But we have $80!  I guess that’s the money that we put aside for the kids, but God will provide when we need to get them the AWANA stuff next week.  We are so calm today, which is a drastic difference from Sunday!  We’ve had a lot of scriptural reassurements in the last few days as well as the peace of seeing the mandatory bills paid for.  We were also able to put $20 worth of gas in twice in the last couple of days.  We have had the money to do the things we need to do.

Twice today we received some encouragement from people who don’t know what we’re going through this month.  First, my Dad sent an email with a recommendation for a song on YouTube.  This is the link:  The song is pretty much all about going through hard times and how God will come through.  My Dad doesn’t usually, or ever do things like this.  So to get this from him really confirms that God is remembering us!  A good friend of ours (the same one who prophesied last Sunday) also sent Michelle a text to encourage her.  Michelle than ran into her at the church and they got to talk and pray some more.  Not one of these persons really knows what we’re doing financially this month, but they know God told them to do something and they did it.  Thanks God!

A few weeks back when I was deep in prayer of the need for a 2nd car, God provided a vision of me inside a tornado.  But I wasn’t alone.  Hopefully I can describe this correctly, but God had me in a tight bear-hug and was forcing me to look right into His eyes.  And He told me that He is pulling me through this storm and He is on the other side of it.  Also, we are almost through!  It was pretty cool.  Today I remembered that vision and just smiled knowing that my God speaks like that.

Another vision I had a while ago was of Christ’s disciples on their boat in the middle of a lake during the storm.  If you know the story, the disciples were freaking out about the storm and then saw Jesus walking on the water towards them.  God put me on the boat and I noticed how we panicked when the boat was at the trench (bottom) of a wave and couldn’t see Jesus coming towards us.  Then when we got to the top of a wave we could see Him and relaxed.  Of course, we didn’t remember that feeling when we went into the next trench!  I remembered that vision today as Michelle and I took some time to celebrate what we have been taught so far and how much we are glad we are going through this.  We took the warning though to remember that Christ is still out there when we go into the next trench in this storm.

Michelle and I were chatting about the commitment I made to not look at the gifts that have come in at the online portal for CTEN.  I am not going to look for the entire month and just be surprised at what comes in at the end of the month.  So far, so good too!  I made a comment to her about how there could be a massive gift already in our account and we wouldn’t know it!  And then my super intelligent/hot wife made a massively impressive observation:

“That is so much like reality!  How often have we been begging for provision and God has already provided it?  And we just don’t realize He’s done it?  All the while we’re crying out for Him to do something and He’s yelling back ‘I already have!  You’ll see it soon!’”

My wife is so cool.  This could apply to so many things with God.

September 8, 2012

Both Chelsey and Katria are fighting some kind of sickness off.  Welcome to the start of school!

A friend came over yesterday (same one who prophesied earlier) and dropped off a big casserole as well as $40 cash.  Michelle knew that we couldn’t use all the food quick enough, so she took some of it and $10 over to a neighbour family who probably has less than us.  Then that neighbour just came over with a bunch of fresh onions and potatoes she had gotten cheap.

Also, some other friends came by and dropped off a bag of groceries for us.  They knew what we were going through but told me directly that God told them to do it and it was not guilt based.  We thanked them and they left.  As we were unloading the groceries we found a $200 cheque at the bottom of the bag.  Michelle called them turkeys and told them we love them.  It’s true.  Chelsey was pretty excited since she really needs a(nother) new swimsuit.  We had put it off because, you know, the desire for gas and food were stronger but now we get to find her one!

We also got a harsh reminder of the kind of work we are involved in.  A good friend who works very closely with a refugee community was attacked and raped.  This is the first time something like this has happened to anyone we work with so it’s pretty tough to think about right now.  We have spent a lot of time at that location as well.  I guess we can praise God that somehow He will make things good out of this.  There is a large community of workers praying about this too.

It was quite an emotional day, and it is only 4PM right now.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I look forward to your posts. It’s helpful to me to see God working in people’s lives.

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