I don’t know what it is about a lot of the US, the southern US in particular.  But everything seems dirty and old.  I think the Canadian in me is starting to show a bit, which is not good as I suspect that most places I will be in Mexico will be more like the US then Canada.  As a Canadian I sure seem to love new and clean.  If you can bulldoze it and make it shiny and new, then you must be in Canada!

KM’s travelled today: 1056

I am now in Junction, Texas.  A small town that happened to have a campground with a spot available.  It’s a really nice spot too, right beside the Llano River and under some pecan trees.  I read that they were pecan trees; I can’t see the difference between these and an oak or something like that.  I know they’re not pine though!

There are a few loud animals in the trees.  The noise is something between a maracca and a rattlesnake.  Hopefully this is not some kind of pecan tree-snake ’cause I want to sleep outside.  And I hope they shut up at dark otherwise I’m not getting any rest tonight.

12 hour drives are getting easy now!  There again wasn’t much exciting on the drive.  I’m glad I had my GPS unit working today, it really helped me get around all these small back highways in North-West Texas.  I’ve been trying to do some Spanish lessons, and have gotten a few done.  I am also trying to listen to an audio book of Tom Clancy’s “Rainbow Six”, but the MP3 player keeps cutting out on the audio and I miss parts.  Then it decides that whole files are not readable.  Oh well, I gave up on those and am listening to The Chronicles of Narnia on CD.  Good times.

Oh ya, I discovered something in the campground that I had always taken for granted before.  The toilet I used to do my business had a little more movement on it than I like.  I like zero.  It was a tad unnerving but I got used to it.  I also remembered that I’d better enjoy toilets where I can throw the paper in, because I only have one more day of that and then 9 months of putting it in the can next to me.  Which is really not fair considering all the kinds of food I will most likely eat.

You’re welcome.


(ooooooooh, the tree rattlers have stopped making noises.  Does that mean they’re about to attack?)

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  1. Oh my gosh Ryan. Your blogs are my new favorite thing to check every day. Syd’s on the phone with his dad and Whitney says “What is she laughing at?!” LOVE IT! Thanks for the updates! Love and prayers!

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