Stick to it! (Silly boy)

“Where is my miracle, God”  “I’ve told the world that you’re going to provide for us, God.”  “What are you’re waiting for?”

And silence is returned.


Remember me writing that?  I do.  It was a month ago.  On August 14.  (which brings up the question why I was writing this silly “Ode To Worry” on my anniversary) (I will not be answering that question.)

It was true.  It was a difficult day.  And it changed to good after writing that.  Then bad.  Then better, than worse.  Such is my life.  I wouldn’t change it.

Well, maybe I would.  I’ve always wondered why God created me to be so able to change moods and emotions so fast.  I can swing from super-duper excited to lower than a possum’ s belly in moments.  (Possum’s belly?  Seriously?  Did I just write that?)

I was doing some pretty hard thinking, praying, stressing over the last month about whether or not to remove the house from the market (again) and find a renter.  Michelle and I both were positive that God had told us to go ahead and sell back in the spring, so we couldn’t understand what was going on.

Late last week we were sitting down in our office/ classroom for a little bible study.  Our leader challenged us to “attack” the Word in a new manner.

  1. Write out the passage EXACTLY how it is written.  This forces you to read every word instead of skimming it because you’ve read it before.
  2. Rewrite that passage in my own words.  Or in a manner that we can explain what we just read to someone who has never read the bible.
  3. Finally, you’ve read the truth.  Now write down the application to your life.  Be specific!

We read James 1:1-11.  This link will give you the text of that passage.  Here is what I wrote down for my understanding of it:

“Having hard times is a good thing!  Without troubles that test your belief in God, you will never develop the “stick to it” attitude that characterizes a mature disciple of Christ.  If you don’t know what to do in a situation, ask God who LOVES to give no matter what you’ve done in the past.  And you will get the answer.  But, once you have your answer, stick to it!  Don’t forget where that answer came from and you will be safe.  God only gives to those who have confidence in Him.  Someone who doesn’t have much (according to the world) should be excited for how much God values him.  And one who has many things and accolades here on earth should be happy that compared to God he is nothing.  His possessions and power will disappear quickly, but God won’t.”

After we wrote these out we had to then take what we see in the Word and apply it.  This is what I put down:

STOP: thinking of another solution for the house -> it WILL sell this month

START: being excited that God is using this situation to make me more like Christ!

 I asked, God gave the answer.  No more doubt.  God is going to provide for our finances in October.”

I didn’t really enjoy making the statement “my house will sell this month”, and saying it out loud in front of my friends and co-workers.  And of course, Michelle wasn’t there so I was also thinking “How am I going to explain this to Michelle?  She’s not going to be happy with this…”

Fast forward a couple of hours.

Our leadership team is involved in a planning meeting for one of the ministries we offer here in Houston.  I’m up at the front of the room leading the discussion.  My phone buzzes with a text.

(Note: A good friend of mine has been pushing me to accept that it is possible for “big time” God things to happen in my life.  Verbally I would always have agreed.  But my mind and my experiences were getting pretty strong that God’s provision to me was always in a quiet, simple way.  The expected way.  Many times I had found myself saying, “that’s just not how God works with me.” )

(Silly me.)

At first I ignore the text, thinking it is Michelle wondering when I will be home.  Then I get that push.  LOOK AT THE PHONE.  What do you have to lose?

So I look.  It’s from my realtor.

“offer coming. ”

Six hours later, Michelle and I are signing our acceptance of the offer.

And as of today, our house is sold.

I guess the crazy things can happen with me.