From Christmas to New Years

Now that you probably have seen the Christmas pictures (and if you didn’t, you can see them here), I’d like to detail the rest of our (ok my) week.  Lots of cool firsts for me and the family!

First, and possibly most important, I was crowned the champion of my fantasy football league!  ‘The Sons of Thunder’ were unstoppable (except for the 5 losses) in “fake football for losers”, as Michelle would say.  Somehow I entered the year saying “that was the worst draft of all time” and left saying “I’m totally the smartest fantasy football guy ever!”  And stop judging me, I’m proud of this.  Especially since my fantasy hockey season is bordering on Edmonton Oilers level of sucking.

Next, we (again me) fulfilled a life long dream of visiting NASA.  Of course, I always wanted to be an astronaut or at the very least attend space camp.  But this was a close second.  We got year passes as a present from my Grandma (thanks Grandma!  You know, if you were reading this…).  There are pictures below.

And finally, a friend invited me to attend the Houston Rockets game on New Years Eve.  Turns out the seats were about 8 rows from the court.  That is the only way to watch the NBA from what I can see so now every other outing will be ruined.  Worth.  It.  Again, there are some pictures below.

I’m also going to ignore mentioning the fact that Blue Bell ice cream was half price this week.  It was awesome, just not as awesome.