60% home for Christmas!

This past Christmas, our family really enjoyed our time here in Texas.  We were able to rest and be together while enjoying the IMMENSE generosity of our family and friends.  But one thing was missing, snow.  And possibly, our families.  (Michelle says it was family first, snow second.)

So to correct myself, one thing was missing.  Our families.  We decided that we wanted to head back to Alberta for Christmas 2013.  And it had to be by plane, because driving 8 days in the middle of winter is not our idea of a good time.

Thankfully, we have been able to collect a lot of frequent flier miles.  And yesterday we “purchased” three round trip tickets with those miles to be home for Christmas!  We’re big fans of free tickets at Christmas time.

So all three of us will be home for Christmas.  Look out Airdrie!  Look out Red Deer!  The Diks family is coming to visit!

(I’m being informed that my family consists of five persons now.)

Uh oh.  That means two of us (me and Chelsey to be exact), don’t have tickets to get home. I’m fairly certain family would be upset about C not being there, not so much about me…

To summarize, we need to purchase two more tickets to get home for Christmas.  But the cheapest way to do this is to get more frequent flier miles!  We still have a few left in our account and need to collect 50000 in total to get two more tickets.  If everything goes right, we should have around 30000 of those miles by April on our own.  So we need to find 20000 miles.

So we’re wondering if anyone out there has United Mileage Plus miles that they would like to sell us?  It’s a lot cheaper to transfer miles from someone than to purchase them ($15 for every 1000 transferred) and we are offering to pay you the costs to do the transfer.  Here’s the link that has the information on how to do it:  http://www.ualmiles.com/TransferMiles.jsp.  (Note: it has to be United miles.)

If you’re interested in helping us out, please comment on this post, or send us a message via email or Facebook.  Or call us or talk to us face to face.



Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone!  We put together a little Christmas greeting video for all of our friends and family.  We hope you enjoy it!  And we pray that your Christmas season will be fun and filled with lots of memories.

~The Diks Family

[grandflv id=820 w=520 h=304 autoplay=true]

If the browser you’re using doesn’t play the video properly, you can access it with this link: Merry Christmas from the Diks Family!