Some concerns for today

Just sitting down for a quick lunch of the following: spaghetti noodles with cream sauce and cheese, some kind of chicken fajita’s with tortillas and a spinich salad with eggs and bacon in it.  And yes, I have a MASSIVE smile on my face.  And just over there in the fridge is a 2.5 litre bottle of Coke.  I’m not suffering in the food area down here!

Here’s my concerns:

1. I’m playing basketball in Mexico for the first time this afternoon.  You might ask yourself, “How is that a problem?  You love basketball.  You tend to be ok at it.  It should be fun!”  This is the problem, I get competitive.  Many people aren’t aware of my history in basketball, but I take it seriously.  Michelle and Rosie like to tell people about how I played in college.  I’m not proud of it.  I blame the steroids (it’s at this point that most people giggle when they look at my physique).   The hoops are 9 ft apparently as well.  Which means that I have a big advantage being 7.5 feet tall.  I guess that’s a good thing for me, but again, I don’t want to be too aggresive and start making people mad.  I’ve already knocked three locals down in soccer because they got to close to me in my crease.  In my defence, they’re smaller than me and I know how to body check.

Oh wow!  This spinich/egg/bacon salad also as apples in it.  This is most greatest thing I’ve eaten in a while!

(I want to also take this moment to mention who Rosie is for those that don’t know.  She’s Michelle’s much older sister.  And by much I mean that she’s actually 3 months younger than me.  At this point in the sentance she’s making quite the funny angry face because I alluded to the fact that she’s 30.  Or as she puts it: 29+1.  Which by they way Rosie, equals 30.  But I should also mention that she’s real sweet and she always tries to do such nice things for us.  It should be fun to see her at Christmas)

(And if you don’t realize that I put that last stuff about how cool she is, even though it is true, in there just to make her cry then you don’t know me well enough.  I can be such a jerk sometimes.  I should be concerned about that)

I thought I had other concerns too at the moment.  I guess our house is weighing on us.  Up for rent but I’m not sure if there have been any inquiries on it.  It’ll happen.  Faith in God is a painful thing.

Oh ya, for those that may actually try to see if we have new pictures on our gallery you may notice that they’re all gone.  I’m concerned about that.  But not because they disappeared strangely.  But because that I accidentally pressed the button that did it.  I was a bit distracted last night when I was trying to do some work and instead of checking a single box, I press the button that said “select all and then permanently delete 2 years worth of photos of your children and wife and all their memories from that time period.”  It’s a pretty big button.

So sorry for the rambling, odd post.  I was kind of bored and thought I had some good thoughts in my head.  Or I just wanted a cheap excuse to try and make Rosie happy by mentioning her in my blog and then meanly (is that a word even) trying to make her cry from joy.  I may need more sleep.

Oh ya, John “Oso” down here has been trying to poop for about 3 hours now.  We’re not quite sure why he put that on his Facebook status but I think he needs some prayer.  Protection for his O-rings and the health of the receiving porcelain is a good thing I suspect.

“Who does #2 work for?”

“That’s right, you show that terd who’s boss!”

Hey?  Where did everybody go?


2 Replies to “Some concerns for today”

  1. So I begin reading this entry with such anticiapation, as I do for them all, excited to see what anecdotes you will provide. And I must say, it looked promising! Then Syd hears ” *drawn out sound of shock* RYAN you Little @#$&*!!!!” Now my poor husband is very confused because a) He doesn’t recall doing anything to upset me recently, and b) his name is not Ryan. I explain that my so loving brother in law has just called me “Michelle’s MUCH older sister” (which is as far as I had read, before being blinded by appallment… is that a word?) I decide I should continue reading to see if he (you) would redeem him(your)self. Soon, my angry eyebrows lower slightly, and I begin laughing….. not the cute, demure, lady like laugh one would expect from someone so “mature”, but the big ugly laugh, that is part cry, part hysterics…. (R&M, you KNOW which one I mean). I hear Syd calling from his spot on the couch in front of the Canucks/Edmonton game (5-3 Vancouver baby! Eat that!) “Are you going to be ok dear?” ( He must have been terribly concerned…. not leaving the game and all). Long story short, I recovered, did everything you said I would, and am now sad because I have almost two months to wait to see you and find retribution, because you did behave meanly… but it was all in love, right? 🙂 (VANCOUVER SCORES!!!! 6-3 baby! Edmonton’s going DOWN!!!! Sorry sister!) ANYHOW…. thanks for the plug, as unflattering as it was…. and you may want to ask your wife to start reading & editing) over your shoulder again…. or lay off the aging cheese…. Oh, and for the record….. those poor little Mexicans should be warned of the “Ryan’s angry ball face”…… or at least told to get out their cameras…. it is a sight to behold. 🙂

  2. Apparently in the last soccer game I threw the ball at whatever person scored a goal on me. It wasn’t on purpose, but it looked like it.

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