Saving is good

Except when it is in regards to doing updates on your blog.  Stuff has been going on, but each one seems kind of small and so I just think “hey, I’ll just hold on to that one and then add it to a few other updates.”  But then all of a sudden there are quite a few little updates that turn into a big update.  And of course I wait until there is hardly any time.  Like when we’re scrambling to get the house cleaned and pack for a road trip.

But that makes it more fun!

So while Michelle is upstairs redoing the caulk on the bathtub, again (story to tell but not right now.  Don’t worry, it’s not really a good story), I’m going to sneak in the updates while watching the Daily Show and NOT getting clothes together.  Hooray!  Three cheers for procrastination!  Hip hip, ah, we’ll do that later.  (get it?)

Um, where to start?  Tomorrow we leave bright and early to head to Port Angeles to visit what should be our new American home church.  We get to spend a few days “selling” ourselves and Global Frontier Missions.  Our biggest goal is to raise prayer support and establish more relationships with a church family.

And what will our house be doing while we’re gone?  Definitely not just sitting around wasting time, that’s for sure.  It’ll be looking it’s best and showing off to prospective buyers!  Good for it, it’s been a few years since it did anything like that.

To clarify the above statements, our house hit the market today (Thursday).  And it’s really nice to just be gone for the first week so our agent can show the house as much as he wants.  In fact, our first showing is happening tomorrow!  Here’s a cool thought, Michelle and I bought our first house almost exactly 10 years ago while we were in Port Angeles.  And now our house is being shown while we’re in Port Angeles again?  Could we complete the perfect cycle and sell our house while there?  It would take a miracle for that to happen!

(note: God does miracles)

A couple weeks ago I handed in my resignation at work, effective in June.  I was worried that telling them I’m leaving 4 months before it happens would be a bad thing, but then I realized that God was fully in control of the situation.  And of course, it has been nothing but positive.

On Saturday I should get my permanent residence made official when we cross the border.  So that’s something.

We’re still having people step forward to say they will be supporting us in finances and prayer.  That’s real neat!  We haven’t done the math, but we think we’re about 15 – 20 percent of our monthly need for finances.

So to summarize (because I think Michelle is almost done upstairs and I need to get back to work), please pray for the following:

1. Travel to Port Angeles (it is winter and they are the mountains)

2. Speaking at the church and visiting with the congregation

3. Crossing the border

4. The selling of our house

5. The continued raising of prayer and financial support

6. That the gospel would be preached to ALL nations (Mathew 24:14)

Thanks everyone!


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