Saturday is ministry day

Hopefully just a quick post here, although every time I’ve said that I ended up getting a little wordy.  Need to find a solution to that!  The whole family is going into town today for ministry.  It’s nothing to awesome and it’s very difficult to tell you what we’ll accomplish; we’re just going in to talk to people and learn Spanish.  North Americans don’t think of that as ministry, but it really is.  I’ll go into that more some other time.

Chelsey and Katria appear to have small colds.  Should have seen that coming I guess.  So I suspect that the other three of us will have them soon.  It happens when we all have the same bedroom.  Please pray for healing and strength for all of us.

I think I’ll set a few goals for today’s work though.  We need to purchase a couple of pots but we don’t know where to find them.  So we will ask people for directions.  This could be interesting due to the Mexican culture so we’ll see.  We also need groceries and to get lunch.  A couple pieces of wood as well.  I know there’s more but I can’t remember.  Oh ya, Mike and I need to buy a table each from the guy who writes on his arm with a nail.  This time we’re not bartering.  Just taking his price.  Even if it is the special gringo price which is probably 20% higher.

We’ll try to remember to write about the day tonight.  I’m sure there will be some fun stories detailing my embarassment for all of you to enjoy!

There, that wasn’t too wordy.  Was it?


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