Road Trip!!!

We’re heading out early tomorrow morning on our road trip to Canada and back.  If you didn’t read our newsletter, why not?  Also, the trip is a giant circle taking 30 days and about 10000kms (6000 miles).  The goal is to see a lot of our family and friends as well as raise further awareness and financial support for our work here in Texas.  This trip will only be able to happen with the financial support of many people.  Just be warned, we will be frequently posting the link to give online to help us pay for this trip without depending on the good folks at American Express for the next 12 months!  ( in both Canada and the US)

We’ll be doing lots of little things to keep people updated as the trip goes by.  There will be the standard randomly timed blog posts that border on insane babbling.  (I pick somewhere around June 21 for my language to morph into something resembling an English/Narnian/gibberishy combo. )  The blog posts can be found right here on this page.

Next, there will be random Facebook and Twitter posts as we head down the highways and see things.  They may be a picture that we found funny, or a quote from a kid or just a random thought or prayer request.  If you want to keep up with us on those, friend us on Facebook (we’re easy to find) and/or follow me on Twitter: @ryandiks.  I’m looking forward to doing these little updates because I’ve found road trips with the family don’t allow me to remember some of the silly little things that happen in a day.  And please comment or even suggest stuff that you have perhaps seen in the area we’re driving through!

We may enlist (conscript?) the kids to post some of their pictures or thoughts some days as well.  Chelsey is pretty excited about doing this.

Day 1 (tomorrow) will be the drive from Sugar Land to Wichita, Kansas.  Hopefully y’all will stay tuned and keep in touch with us while we drive down the road!


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