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So what’s up?  Not much for us really.  We’re in our house, but haven’t gotten much more unpacked the last couple of weeks.  We’ve been busy!  My older brother married a phoenomenal girl named Jess and we were up in Red Deer a couple weekends for the party.  We’ve been involved in church, life group and plain crazy life stuff.  We don’t really have a phone line yet; but by next week we should have it up and running.

One BIG thing I wanted to mention is in regards to our finances from our trip.  I may have already said this a couple of times, but our supporters and God (of course) rock!  We were sitting around in November and December thinking we may have to come home because of a lack of finances.  And then people started to pray.  And people started to give.

And then we found ourselves with finances.  And we tithed off of them.  And more finances came in.  So we gave to fellow students and local families who were in need.  And more finances came in.  And we paid for every cent of our trip; flights, hotels, food, school fees, gas, van repairs and everything else.  AND MORE MONEY CAME IN.  And we found ourselves with over $1000 of extra money that we didn’t have any matching expenses for.

So we gave it all away.  It wasn’t ours or yours to begin with, right?  We were able to give a large portion of it to a local Arabic evangelist.  Someone who is preaching to and winning muslims to Christ.  And then we were able to give the rest of it to three close friends who are currently working in Tlaxiaco for the summer to ensure they can pay their bills.  Wow, because our friends and families obeyed God and prayed there are going to be some super cool things happen.  Thank you everyone for how faithful you have been.  And we hope that you don’t decide to stop giving to missions, because God will multiply whatever you cheerfully give into more finances and more importantly more souls for HIS kingdom.  That’s so cool.

It’s tough to write stuff right now.  It really is.  Life has become so, so normal I guess would be the proper term.  I don’t like normal.  I try to fight it.  The best I’m doing at the moment is walking around work carrying my Luchadores folder.  There is definitely something abnormal about a grown man carrying a duotang with muscular, shirtless men wearing masks on it.  And abnormal might not be the correct word after I’ve read that!

But this is what we’ve prepared for.  We spent 10 months in Mexico learning to live how a Christian should.  We debated topics, explored areas and made commitments to ourselves and God that we were going to change.  Michelle and I are determined to not live like we did before.  What’s the point?  We only have 50 or so more years on this earth (maybe) and darn it, we want to change this world before we leave it.  We want to leave this earth having been able to show as many people as possible the greatness of our God.

I wonder how many people that we went to school with have already given up trying to live like “sent ones” wherever they are?  I hope none.  But I can tell you about some that sure haven’t stopped.

Mike and Daysi Mady – www.madymissions.org

Mike and Daysi are from Ontario, but we don’t hold it against them.  Especially since Mike dislikes the Maple Leafs AND the Red Wings.  Smart man.  Mike and Daysi have fallen in love with Thailand and are currently raising support to head back forever.  They are crazy fun to hang out with and if you ever want to be near someone who actively hears the voice of God, be close to them.  And if you’re looking for missionarys who have no fears about spreading the Gospel of Christ to the places of the world where it isn’t yet, then I suggest you contact them.  (and if you’re just looking to get a tax receipt, they are able to do that to!)

Leah Johnson – leah-beth-johnson.blogspot.com

We didn’t get to hang out with Leah too much in Mexico, but we did a few times.  Leah found out that we had brought the game “Ticket to Ride” down with us and wouldn’t stop bugging us to play!  So we did, and had lots of fun.  We’re not sure what Leah’s plans are, but I wanted to mention her here because I have massively enjoyed reading her blog since MTS ended.  She is currently one of GFM’s summer interns, teaching Short Term Missions participants about living missionally.  And I can tell by her blog writing that the STM groups are going to learn a lot.  Do you want to be challenged to live differently?  Then take a second to read her updates.  And if you are looking for someone to support financially, Leah is a fantastic candidate as well!

Dan and Kelly Farr – danfarr.blogspot.com

Dan is a mystery to me.  He loves the Minnesota Wild, but yet he’s a really cool guy.  That makes no sense at all!  But he also massively loves Tommy Boy, which was the basis for many of our conversations this year.  So maybe not so much of a mystery after all.  Kelly is not a mystery; she’s just a super fantastic person.  These two made our family so comfortable in Tlaxiaco all year.  There isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for a friend.  Dan is another person who’s writing inspires me to keep trying to make my life count.  Dan and Kelly are part of the leadership team at GFM and will also be moving to Houston in 2010 to launch the GFM Houston base.  You want to be challenged to be all out passionate for God, talk to Dan and Kelly.  The stories they can tell of supernatural healings and protection will blow your mind and make you remember how much we AREN’T letting God do right now.  And of course, they could use your financial support as well.

I’m always amazed at how a day when I just decide to sit down and write something because it has been a while can produce something half coherent and 90% different than what I expected.  Now I’m starting to feel a little guilty about not mentioning people like Lindsay H (Red Deer girl!), Jessica, Jordan and the Windhams who also are determined to change the world for the sake of Christ and His kingdom.  Maybe next time?  Perhaps, but at least now I don’t have to feel guilty about not mentioning them because I just did?  Right?  🙂

If you live in Airdrie, start praying for Airdrie.  Something big is stirring in this city and it can’t happen without mega-massive prayer.  If you have friends that don’t know Christ, then start praying that Christ would start calling them.  If you don’t know anyone who is not a Christian, than fix that problem by making friends with someone.

And if you live in Bubble Creak Canyon, move out!  You ain’t doing any good for the Lord by isolating yourself from HIS world and HIS people.

(and if you don’t know what I meant by that, then watch this video clip)


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