Quick Financial Update from the trip

I was just going over numbers from the 3D Royal Roadtrip as well as from the year over all.  And I happy to say that God was SO amazingly faithful to us (which I think is not much of a surprise).  Thanks to all of our supporters because it was through your willingness to follow God that we seem to only be $17 DOLLARS SHORT of the final total.  That includes the unexpected van repairs on the trip home.

The really neato thing about all of this is that we were also able to give to fellow missionaries from the gifts you gave us this year.  So not only did God provide enough money for us to fully live this year, He also provided money to help out others who needed it.

Thanks everyone again.  And we hope that all of you really enjoyed the experience of giving towards missions and want to keep going.  We know of a few very amazing missionaries who are still looking for more financial support.  If you want more information, please give us a shout and we will put you in touch with them.


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