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My mom and dad flew down from Red Deer a couple of weeks ago and we’ve been hanging out in Tlaxiaco and then Oaxaca with them since then.  They are back in Red Deer today.  We had a lot of fun and got to see some cool stuff.  I just uploaded a bunch of pictures from our weekend in Oaxaca where we visited Monte Alban; which is an incredibly big and old Zapotec city.  We also visited El Tule which has a really large tree.  It doesn’t sound exciting, but it really was cool!

Pictures are here.

I will explain this picture though.  I was dragging Chelsey and Jared to the bathroom and noticed these two tourists staring at the elevator to help those in wheel chairs access the ruins.  And they kept staring.  And reading the sign.  And taking pictures.  And my only thought was, “Do they honestly believe that the Zapotecs built all these temples out of stone but their greatest achievement was the metal, solar powered wheel chair elevator?”

Well, I thought it was funny.

I'm serious, it's not part of the sitesNope, that elevator is not original


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  1. Didn’t you know the Zapotecs were the grandfathers of equal opportunity? Where were you in school????

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