Pee-van needs a wash

Michelle and I were given the command to go out on a date tonight (Thanks Jessica!).  So after the kids were put to bed we headed into town.  There’s not much of a night life in Tlaxiaco; no movie theatres or similar.  But there’s some good restaurants.  After getting into town we parked the “pee-van” on one of the main roads and got out.  If you don’t know why I call it “pee-van” then read one of the posts from a few days ago.

I noticed a couple of guys standing in a darkened doorway beside our van.  They were looking at us and pee-van.  I said “beunas noches” and they replied as is customary here.  They seem like decent guys.  Michelle didn’t say anything about them so I figured she must be cool with these two.  (Michelle is a big proponent of trusting your gut about people.  So if she doesn’t say anything, I don’t worry)

We head to the restaurant.  Good eats as always at El Cantata (or something like that).  I actually can’t remember the name accurately.  I know that it’s the restaurant with the Sol sign in the front.  If you’re walking down the main street in Tlaxiaco (don’t remember the name of it either) then you turn right at the paint store with the bright orange and yellow signs.  If you get to the Rana Feliz restaurant then you’ve gone too far.  So you should all be able to find it now, right?

After eating we grab a Milky Way bar (mmmmmm) and pay the bill.  $133 pesos.  Sound expensive?  Divide it by 10.  For the benefit of our first grade readers and those who no longer can do math without a calculator, you move the decimal point one position to the left to get dollars.  So it was a $13 CAD or USD meal.  That’s a good price!  And the enchildas suissa are quite good.

Once we get back to the van I make the comment “Well, at least we have the back end intact. That’s a start!”  Michelle quickly answers “No, it’s the end!”  Funny girl.  No wonder we’ve been together 10 years now (the 19th was our anniversary of being together “officially”  Real mushy stuff, eh?)

We get closer to the van, I’m pretty confident Michelle’s gut feeling or lack of was good on these two guys.  But then we get up to the van and we notice that someone has scrawled into the dirt on the back window:

Lava me    (translated into English: Wash me)

OK.  It may be time to wash pee-van now.  Once it is dirty enough for the Mexicans to make fun of it, you’ve crossed a line of filthiness that shouldn’t have been crossed.


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  1. You STILL hadn’t washed it?!?!?! EEEEEEW! LOL 🙂 Thanks for the stories guys! Now, if I could make it tell me when you post something……. 🙂 Love yous!

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