Other updates

Oh ya, some other stuff to update people on.

1.  THE HOUSE IS RENTED!  We got a renter in place this week.  Total God thing we believe as the renter and situation we got just appears to be inspired by Him.  Thanks for everyone’s prayer in this.

2. Fundraising – is coming along very well.  We still need more support to be able to pay for monthly expenses and tickets home.  But we know God will provide.

3. Oaxaca trip last week – the trip went really well and we got the work done that we needed.  And we got to eat at BURGER KING!  Yummy.  The pictures are on the camera and will get posted.  How many times have I said that and then never posted them?  I’m going to guess about 4.  I will get them up one day though.

4. Base sewage and other plumbing – we got to spend 12 hours (a couple of days before our 22 hour drive to Texas) locating (harder than you think), digging out, breaking (oops) and fixing some sewer and grey water lines for the base.  That was a long day of “worship”  Pictures forthcoming (that’s #5)


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