Not so official we guess

OK, so when we said “the house is officially sold” did you take it as it was done?  Well, I guess we didn’t fully understand what the other realtor said when they stated “all conditions are off.”  Next time we want it in writing.  Lesson learned.

So, our house is back on the market.  It could still sell (no conditions this time) to the people who we were working with.  Or someone else could show up and make an offer.  Either way, IT’S MIRACLE TIME!

So please pray.  And we look forward to telling everyone, again, about the house selling.  We’re still packing and getting ready to be out of here in the next couple of weeks.  Why not, we still expect it to go.  A little spiritual warfare is not going to stop us.


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  1. Ok, we’ll be praying guys! God bless you as you go! We are looking forward to hearing about your first months and what life is like in Mexico!

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