New pictures! About time too.

Everyone can now rejoice.  There are a bunch of pictures posted up in our gallery section.  Just go visit the Tlaxiaco November 2008 section.

Click here to go to the pictures…

Quick summary of what you’ll see:

1. We took two road trips in the space of a week and a half.  First to Oaxaca City (about 2 hours away) to pick up our 180 day tourist visas.  The next trip was to Pharr, Texas (22 hours away) to cancel these visas and then get new 180 day visas to last us the remainder of our trip.

2. Early one morning Oso and his family woke up to a couple of inches of grey water (sink and shower drainage) on their floor.  It was discovered that the apartment drainage system had clogged and backed up into their place.  So we spent the next eight hours locating the pipe (ya, it seriously took us that long to find the right pipe) and then another four hours repairing it and the two sewer pipes we, um, located with a pick axe during the search and rescue process.  The one phrase you didn’t want to hear all day “Found It!  But I’ve got some bad news…”  Needless to say the pipes are now marked.

3. American Thanksgiving – Did you know that they celebrate Thanksgiving in the US?  Although it is quite late, kind of close to Christmas don’t you think?  Well, just to make the Canadians look bad (we LOVE 2nd place in Canada) the Americans held their own party.  And we played football and ate too much.  Sounds a lot like Canadian thanksgiving.  Chelsey took all the football pictures and did a great job.

4. House building – a few of us went to finish building a house for a lady in one of the local churches.  Not a large place (it is Mexico) but it is a nice location.  Sorry, no pictures of the outside as I was working too much.  Stop laughing.

And then some random pictures of the centro area in Tlaxiaco and of the kids and family.  And some of the crazy goose that used to attack us but once I almost hit it with the van it decided to start protecting our van from everyone else.  No more pee-van!  We have a guard goose.  (And I think it is also using it as a strategic place to protect his mate who is sitting on a nest across the road.  But mostly protecting us)



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