Made it to the border

So I am now at the Texas-Mexico border.  It was a “short” drive this morning.  Went through San Antonio and then came down to the border at Weslaco, TX.  I’m hoping to go get the oil changed in the van now and pick up some snacks and water for the drive in Mexico.  The border opens at 0600 tomorrow morning and I want to get there shortly after that.

Kind of tired today.  I didn’t sleep too well last night.  I was going to sleep outside, then I figured out what all the noises were.  Cockroaches.  I have zero experience with them and decided I wanted nothing to do with them.  So instead of sleeping on the ground I chose the front seat of the van.  You may call me a chicken, and I will agree.

But I couldn’t sleep at all.  I was wide awake and also melting.  Did I mention it is HOT here?  So I manned up and put my mat and sleeping bag down on the ground and tried to sleep.  By 0300 I was wide awake.  I’m not sure why, I wasn’t concerned about the roaches anymore.  It was either the Coke I had with supper or the noise from all the nature in the area.  And since Coke never keeps me awake…

Kind of odd to have nature sounds keep me awake, but they were loud!  So once I was wide awake at 3, I got back up and went to the van and read for a bit.  Then felt tired again and actually got a couple more hours of sleep in the van.  So I think I’ll take a nap now.


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  1. Instead of thinking of them as cockroaches, think ‘water beetle’ with hairier legs. I’m sure you saw a few water beetles in Canada. I found many on my trampoline early in the morning as a kid; ugly, but harmless. If you see them in Mexico, try the coffee can trap trick – just google it.


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