Like love? Or LOVE love?

“You created nothing, that gives me more pleasure than you.  And you won’t give me something, that gives me more pleasure than you.”

These words are repeated a few times in the song below, one that I’ve been enjoying and struggling with the past little while.  Take a moment to listen to it.

Caedmon’s Call – You Created

I struggle with the words.  Because they are truth.  My desire is for God to provide a buyer for our house and to provide 100% support for us as we move to Houston.  But God’s desire is for me to love Him more than anything.

To fall head over heals in love with Him.

And if I can do that, then two things will happen:

1. He will provide.

2. I won’t care if His provision is different than I wanted/expected.

I’m fighting the urge to get uber-wordy here, because I believe these are thoughts that are meant for meditation.  So here are some scriptures that have guided me on this path, and I hope you take the time to think about them.

Abraham and Isaac – Genesis 22

The Greatest Commandment according to Jesus

Results of obeying His commands

Nothing better than knowing Jesus

Look at the items you have been praying for and then ask the question “Would this give me more pleasure than God Himself?”  And I challenge you to take on the same mission I’m on at the moment.

To change my relationship from the kind that could best be described as teenaged infatuation, to one that is a deep, “with all my heart, soul and mind” love.


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