LEGENDARY Houston Convergence of ‘09: Scoop le Poop

We went to church this morning at Houston’s 1st Baptist.  After that we were going to lunch with one of their missions specialists.  The cool thing was the entire service was focused on the nations and the need to bring the gospel to them.  I don’t think any of us GFM’rs made it through the worship time with a dry eye.  Super cool.  And a great way to remind us what the whole point of missions is.  Big time church too.  I think the entire AAC building could fit in their sanctuary.

Later on in the day we headed down to the Toyota Centre to watch the Houston Aeros play the Milwaukie Admirals.  The stadium was only 40% full.  At most.  So after the 1st period we tried to move down closer to the ice but we actually got stopped to show our tickets?  Really?  Are you losing revenue from us?  THOSE SEATS ARE EMPTY!

And don’t get me started on the promotions guy.  You know, the one who gets the mic and does all the giveaways, etc during play stoppages.  They’re annoying at best.  But this guy was incredible.  And not in the good way.  Actual statements out of his mouth.

Bark like a dog!

Make some noise!  (easily 100 times)

RYaoinfioa ishjc oaisjfiaosjcoasdjfsoidjfisodjfsidfjdoifjso!  (seriously, he just started making random grumbling noises)

Sir, just remember that many times, less is more.  Stop talking so much.

It was “bring your dog to the rink” night as well.  And one of the major sponsers was “Scoop le Poop”.  I think you can guess what kind of business they are.  And another sponsor of the team was “The Maple Leaf Pub”.  The logo: the Molson Canadian maple leaf.  Their motto: “When your drinking team has a hockey problem”.  And they apparently have the largest selection of Canadian beers in the city.  Hmmmm, probably not tough.  But boy oh boy do I want to go there.

To end the night we went to a restaurant/ arcade and played games for a couple of hours.  Good times.

We’re exhausted and heading to bed.  More meetings tomorrow.


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