LEGENDARY Houston Convergence of ‘09: It smells like butt in here

Yes, it does smell in here.  But what do you expect when you get four guys in a small hotel room after eating at Chili’s?

Obviously I got into Houston last night.  Sat around at the airport for a couple of minutes waiting for my ride and then,

“There’s my Canadian brother!”

Right, I had forgotten I was the Canadian guy.  (No I hadn’t).

Although, I was actually betting on a Tommy Boy line.  We must’ve quoted that movie a million times last year.  And the fact that the airline ripped my bag got me prepared for “Ugh, did you spray that thing for bugs?”

But oh well.  Being the Canadian guy is what I am.  Besides, we’re in more of a Dumb and Dumber mood this weekend.  Which is good with the amount of farting going on around here.

Gotta be quick though.  Free breakfast downstairs and then we’re heading out to 1st Baptist for church this morning.  My first true mega-church experience.  Then we’re going to the Houston – Milwaukie AHL game tonight.  My first game in the US.  Since I don’t care for either team I am planning on finding the guys on both teams from Edmonton or Saskatchewan and ripping on them.  Should be fun.

So Windham, Dan, Grant, Chino, Ross and myself are hitting the town.  Look out Houston.  And plug your nose when you enter our room.


(the alternative title for this post was How I Survived Sharing a Double bed with Grant)

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