January 15, 2009

Did you ever have a blog and just felt that you had to write something on it?  You know, it’s been about a week and you usually get at least one post in every week?  And you feel like people are rabidly expecting something because they hang on your every word?

No?  Especially the rabidly hanging on every word part?  Ya, I didn’t think most people were that fanatical about our blog.

But I feel like I need to put out an update on the Diks family.  The fans want it after all!  But seriously, it has been a quiet week.  I really hope that anyone reading this doesn’t think “But you’re missionaries!  Your life should be a constant whirlwind of exciting works of the Holy Spirit.  You should be able to tell constantly about all the people coming to the Lord due to your tireless work.”

Well I got some news for you.

1. We do get tired.  I’m tired right now.  Something to do with all the reading this week and the fact we’re now playing in TWO soccer leagues.  Thanks Grant, we really needed more exercise…  🙂

2. There shouldn’t be any difference between the life of a missionary and a person living in their home country in terms of works of the Lord.  Right?  The only difference is that we’re in a different country.  So I guess it’s fair to expect that a missionary can have a slow/down week.  Agreed.  (Not sure if it is healthy to agree with myself.  But I guess it’s better than having a disagreement with yourself and then losing the argument).  Or perhaps people not in the “mission” field should be seeing a lot more miraculous works and people coming to faith in the Lord if they expect missionaries to have that kind of testimony?  But I digress…

So ya, not much going on right now.  In class we’re doing “Leadership” week.  So lots of talks about how a leader operates both in business and especially in church/ missions work.  I enjoy this kind of stuff.  Gets my mind running and thinking about ways to improve how I do my job.  In fact (and I’m not embarrased to admit this) I sent an e-mail to my boss in Calgary with a couple of ideas on how to improve performance on our team.  And then I sent him a bill for the time I put in!  (not really, but that would be cool)

Our book this week is “The Purpose Driven Church” by some little known pastor of some little known church.  Rick Warren; what has he ever done?  Saddleback Church?  I’m sure they are just some little hole in the wall operation…

Pardon me?  Rick Warren did what with all his book proceeds?  How big and how many converts to Christ has Saddleback been a part of?  Wow, that’s cool.  I’d say that guy has some credibility.

So this book has been an interesting read.  Convicting at times because I see ways in which my home church has been trying to become more purpose driven.  But then I have to wonder, how come I didn’t know the purpose for those actions?  So it’s a little convicting towards myself or churches in general for communication skills in relating the purpose for doing things.  The chapter on music in a seeker driven church was really enjoyable too.  I know that many people strongly disagree with Rick on his thoughts about music.  But he’s right.  Music isn’t sacred.  Why not change it to fit the culture?  And the stories about how some of these “great” hymns from 100 years ago were actually written as new words to popular “secular” music at the time: priceless.  Guess it’s not a problem to rewrite U2 songs and sing them in church, eh?  I could keep going but I would make people angry!

(OK, one more.  Did you know that when these hymns first came out they were called devil music?  Churches at the time had no music in them so there had to be huge fights to get hymns sung.  There were “Hymn Churches and Non-Hymn Churches even.  Does that sound like our churches now?  History repeating itself.  So funny.)

Now since there isn’t much going with our family specifically, I want to let you in on a really neat happening with our GFM team.  Something definitely worth praying for!

There are various signs of something big and cool about to happen in Tlaxiaco.  Many local young people are getting a huge hunger for evangelism and are asking some of our team to teach them.  Then there are some unsaved people attending a new bible study/home church with some of the team here and they are pumped.  They are ready to make a change in their life.  We can really see how God has been using GFM in Tlaxiaco in the past and now is starting to bring about a revival in the locals.  We’re praying for that very thing to happen now and that it would get to the point of there being no need for us “whiteys” being here any longer!

So would you pray for that?  Pray that more and more people in Tlaxiaco and area would start seeking God and repent from their sins.  And pray that there would be plenty of believers ready to properly disciple them and get them heading out and leading more people to Christ.  And finally, please pray that those members of our GFM team that have been honoured with leadership roles here would lead effectively and teach in a manner that allows the church to look like Mexican culture (as opposed to North American culture).

As always, if you have any prayer requests or updates for us, please drop us an email at allofus@diks.ca.  We’d love to hear from our friends and family and find out what’s going on in your lives.


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  1. Pretty long email for a slow week! 😀

    I’ve been thinking about you guys lately. I’m glad for an update – I am one of those people who clicks on your blog somewhat regularily.

    Take care!!!

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