It’s time for a little November update!

Have you heard how cold it is in Calgary?  Cold.  -30C cold.  They don’t have that kind of cold in Texas.  I’m comfortable with that.  Apparently they get too hot, but I am willing to find out if “too hot” exists.  Or if possibly it is one of those places like Atlantis that are legendary but not reality.

And now for some real stuff in regards to “What’s going on with the Diks Family”.

Michelle recently had the chance to fly down to Houston to visit with our friends and future co-workers.  She had a great time and was able to see where we plan to live.  She also got a chance to start planning our budget for when we get down there (eta July 2011 by the way).  And when she flew in to Calgary, it was cold.  Cold and snowy.  How cold?  Read the first paragraph and then shiver.  Brrrrrrrrr.

We’ve been given some awesome opportunities to speak with some of the life groups and bible studies in our church about what we’re doing.  These have been fantastic times of casting the vision for GFM USA as well as our specific work coming up.  We’ve had lots of prayer for this work and the various items we are specifically focused on right now.

For example, we have been asking for prayer for my immigration process.  And it has been going great!  We’re actually having to slow it down a bit since it was moving so quickly.  As it stands right now the USA Embassy in Montreal is waiting for me to book an appointment.  But before I do that I am taking a quick trip out to Vancouver in December for a medical exam.

Financial Need: These flights, hotels and immigration applications cost a decent amount of money.  Altogether they will be over $2000.  Please pray that this money would come in.

But praise the Lord for how easily this is moving along!

In regards to our support raising, would you consider becoming one of our support partners?  We are looking for friends to come along side us to support our work.  We need regular supporters starting now and also can use one time gifts to assist in items like immigration paper work and flights.  We will not be leaving for Houston until we have in the area of 75 to 90 percent of our necessary budget which we expect to be in the area of $30 000 USD a year.  This is a big goal, but one that we know God will provide.

All gifts are tax deductible in the USA or Canada.  For more information on how to help, please visit  You can also browse around the site for more information on what we’re doing, why and how to connect with us.

After the immigration stuff and raising support, we’ve been pretty quiet.  We have been spending a lot of time renovating our kitchen, just in case we will sell the house.  Michelle is really enjoying the results.  I’m not enjoying how much blood I am losing.  I also got “shot” by a table saw and said some choice words in front of my father because of that.  I remember my 9th grade shop teacher, Mr Ramsfield, warning us to beware of kick back from a table saw and now I know why.  Ouch.


2 Replies to “It’s time for a little November update!”

  1. Take it from one who barely survived this summer, too hot does exist. In fact, it is STILL too hot here (I know, Michelle probably would have enjoyed that while she was here) and we had to turn on our air conditioning last night so we could sleep!

    1. I know two other things. Michelle heard it was 28C in Houston last night and was a little choked she wasn’t there. And this morning it is -40C here. I don’t like cold.

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