It’s been a while, sorry ’bout that

I know, I know.  We put up that heart breaking appeal for help a week ago and then the only thing that comes after it is some “puff piece” from Chelsey.  We really should have put some updates in here a little while ago.  I forgive you.

What have we been up to?  Not tonnes really.  Pretty normal life around here at the moment.  In school we are doing “Faith and Healing Week”.  And guess what?  Once again I am being challenged to rethink the standard churchianity I have grown up with.  Good times.

Kids are good now.  The older two (for those that are unaware their names are still Jared and Chelsey) are just getting over a pretty hard flu bug.  Michelle also had it.  Katria and myself avoided that one although Katria has caught a bad case of the teething.  I really hope to avoid that one myself.

Michelle got the opportunity to teach English at a local high school.  She said it was a lot of fun and a good experience.

Last week I got to “help” build a house for a lady in one of the local churches.  By house, I really mean a small, walled in space.  And by help, I mean use the only skill I have (my height) and hand roof tiles up to the guy putting them on.  I didn’t need a ladder!  But it was a fun day.  There will be some pictures in our gallery in a few days from that.

As far as the house, nothing concrete yet.  We’ve had some good sales chances that just didn’t happen.  We also most likely have a renter if we can’t sell.  It’s been kind of funny how the whole situation is moving.  We appear to be getting mocked.  By who, we don’t know.  But we don’t really care.  It’ll work out eventually.

As far as us leaving, it’s not happening.  Michelle came to a realization last week that we are here for Kingdom purposes.  And the Kingdom is an eternal thing.  So who cares if we have to borrow a little extra money or go through a little extra pain for the Kingdom?  The Kingdom of Heaven lasts so much longer than our time on earth.  I’d rather live for that period of my life and “hurt” this one.  So we’re not leaving.

Besides, leaving for something as trivial as a house seems silly now.

As far as our month to month living, there has been an increase in one time gifts and pledges.  It sounds like we got about 40% of what we expect to need for the remainder of the year raised last weekend!  Wow!  Thank you everyone.  We knew that the Lord would provide and will continue to do so.

Coming up for us is a trip to Oaxaca City to get our visas back.  Then most likely at the end of November we will be doing a very quick trip to Texas to renew our visas.  We only get 180 days at a time so we need to get them renewed to be able to stick around the whole time.  Part of the money just given will be used to get us to Texas and back.


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