I would love to know what “it” is

It = the reason why this house is so difficult to sell

Can someone tell me why this happens?  What is the thing that makes people run away in disgust* when they view our house.  Is it the hardwood floors in the front room?  Oak cabinets in the spacious and natural lit kitchen?  Large backyard?  The desire on our part to receive fair market value or perhaps slightly below? **  What is it?

(* I can only assume the feeling is disgust.  Perhaps mortified fear?)

(** I guess that “fair” can be open for discussion.  Since for at least one party, the word meant WAY below market price)

We’re days away from moving out of the place with no sign of a buyer.  Last week we actually had two promising showings.  One of which where we got 20 minutes notice of them wanting to come in, but it was their second time viewing the place and apparently they were “extremely interested” in it.  We of course said we were “very interested” in them.

Perhaps we were too desperate?  Should we have been more cool?  More aloof?  “Sure, I guess you can come in.  You know, if you want.  Whatever.”

I wonder if it is all the pictures of our beautiful family driving them away?  “There’s no way we can buy this house, this family is much too attractive for us.  We can’t compete so therefore we could never live here.”

Whatever it is, it is driving me quite a ways down the road of frustration.  Along that road I keep intersecting with annoyance street and anger crescent.  There are also quick stops at Down-in-the-dumpsville and Thesaurus-town*.  But you’re not interested in me whining.

(*I stop here to find more words that mean sad or angry or confused or weary or despondent.  You get the idea.)

In other news, fund raising is coming along.  We’ve broken through the 40% level for our yearly support needs!  This has been accomplished through new monthly partners joining on as well as some special gifts that we could split up for the next 12 months.  This level of funding allows us to pay our rent and utilities; but we still need that last 60% to be able to pay for the health insurance, car insurance, tenant insurance and food among other things. Would you take a moment to consider partnering with us?  All gifts receive a tax receipt.  There is a link to the right of this post that will provide more info.

So let’s end this update with that.  We hope you found it entertaining and not depressing, because it was supposed to be kind of fun.


(oh ya, if any of you have visited our house and have an idea of what people don’t like, could you tell us?  For example, if there is a bad odour that everyone talks about but never mentions to us for fear of embarrassing us, just tell us.  We won’t get angry, honest.)

3 Replies to “I would love to know what “it” is”

  1. it’s about the staging and it sucks. All personal photos must go. No exception. The buyer needs to see themselves in your house, not you. Second, no clutter. Counter tops must be empty. Tables must be empty. Corners empty. When we sold our house 5 months ago, I would say 30% of our stuff was packed and moved into the garage due to staging. All rooms must look like they are twice their natural size. That’s all I can think of. Don’t worry, it will sell.

  2. I hate the whole idea of staging. If you`re so uncreative that you can`t get past my stuff, than you shouldn`t be buying houses. But you`re right. We`ve packed up most stuff in the past month anyways and after this weekend the place will be empty. 100% pure cleanliness.

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