I drive a pee-van

I wish I knew why this is, but dogs down here LOVE to annoint our mini-van with their scent.  There will be 5 vans all in a row and 5 dogs; and all 5 dogs will sniff only our van and then desecrate it.  This has happened more than once.  I believe that it all started after the “poo-ing” incident on our first market day.  No, I haven’t washed the van since then but it has rained numerous times.  The dogs especially love the rear drivers side.  I’ve looked over that wheel and under the van and can’t see anything worth of canine loving attention.  I’m wondering if there is something in our wheels that came with the pooing.  Like the time some of us cousins put potatoes in Uncle Guy’s rims so they would rattle around and make him mad.  I probably have a dead rat instead of potatoes.  Or the remnants of road kill or the can of creamed corn I hit way back in Montana.  Deeeeeeelicious.

Oh ya, my soccer team is playing a “fun” game with some players from the pro team that sponsors Jared’s soccer lessons.  I don’t know why they invited the gringos.  It has to be a setup for Mexican Candid Camera (el Camera Candido?). “Hey guys!  You know what would be really funny?  Let’s have some of our pro players really make those gringo players look silly.  Especially that tall skinny one with the too short shorts that plays goalie like he’s playing hockey.”  Jokes on them, if they enter my crease they are getting knocked down.  🙂

There is a warm up “practice” tomorrow evening without the pro guys.  I suspect that once the organizers see the, um, quality of our team that they may rethink the invitation.  “You know what guys?  On second thought, why don’t all of you gringos just stay home Saturday morning?”  They’ll say it plenty polite and probably send us home with tacos or tamale’s which seems like a fair trade to me.

But not before one of their dogs pees on my van.


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  1. Love your stories! Love them love them LOVE THEM! 🙂 Now if I could just figure out why it’s not telling me when you post something new…… and why I can’t view your pics (they’re just litle red x’s) now that the wpg2 (or whatever) link is gone…
    Anyways, keep up the good work. 🙂

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