I am in Wyoming

Words I never thought I’d say.  But it’s nice here.  Lots of flies and wasps though.

KM’s driven:1096.9

Road kill seen: 3 deer, 10+ porcupines, 2 skunks, 1 racoon

Things I hit with the van: a small bird (this always seems to happen at the start of road trips),

a porcupine (but it was already dead)

a tin can which I assume had creamed corn or similar in it.  Didn’t see that one in time but it sure sounded cool when I hit it!

– I don’t know why so many porcupines though.  I suspect there is some kind of religion in Southern AB and Montana where you get “holy points” for every one killed.  Some kind of water bed based faith I suspect.

Trip was pretty good.  100+ degrees for most of the afternoon.  It didn’t feel like it though.

HUGE recomendation: listen to the audio commentary by Larry the Cucumber and Mr Lunt on the Veggie Tales Jonah movie.  SUPER funny.  I will never hear the word “hushpuppies” without laughing now.

I have some pictures.  One in particular I found funny at the time.  A car with the license plate “DANIML1” which I read as Dan-imal.  But they were doing 60mph on a 70mph road.  And then they got passed by a mini-van loaded with enough stuff to outfit a small army.  I’m sorry Dan, you’ve lost your cool nickname privilages.

I also thought of a cool movie plot consisting of Andy Richter and Andy Dyck.  Well, I just found it funny that both guys are really just pieces of satire placed in movies so we can laugh at them.  So a movie revolving around them should be good, right?  And Andy Rooney could do a guest cameo.


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