House update – the wordy edition

I realized a few days ago that I was being prideful and not updating many people on the status of our house.  (For those that weren’t aware we have been trying to sell our house since May)  And being prideful (I’m working on it!) it took me a couple more days to finally post something up here.  (In my defence, I have emailed a few people and talked to others about it in our little base family.  Just haven’t posted it on our blog.)

One other note, I’m writing this while “watching” the scoreboard for the Oilers-Flames game.  I thought I learned long ago to not write while watching hockey but I guess not.  It’s a pride thing, I’m working on it.

Shoot, Edmonton just scored.  I could get a little cranky here.

Anyways, to bring everyone up to speed.  We had a deal back in August that fell through.  Through much praying we decided to keep trying to sell for the month of September and if we didn’t get anything we’d find a renter for October.

Well we got a conditional sale in mid-September.  It wasn’t the most perfect deal but it was a deal.  The sale was conditional on the buyer selling their house by mid-October.  Should’ve really thought about that more I guess.  (Ya, I’m foreshadowing).

Mid-October is here now.  And we still have a house.  As you have probably figured, the buyers were unable to sell their house.  Such is the market in Airdrie now.  And I guess the rest of the world.  Can’t get myself too worked up thinking it’s only us feeling the effects of extreme borrowing and overspending by the residents of North America coupled with instability in the world’s oil markets and various armed conflicts.  But that’s just how I understand it.  (It’s basic economics people.  We had a LONG boom and we were due for a hard bust.  Happens every time)

Speaking of happens every time, Edmonton just scored again.  4-2 now.  And I asked my dad to record this game for me and then mail it down.  Yup, I jinxed it.  I’m getting upset now.

Um, where was I?  (quickly reading previous ramblings….)

Right, we still have a house.  So is it just me, but is it odd that Christ said that we should be willing to sell all we have to serve Him and then when we attempt to do it we can’t get rid of our biggest liability/asset?  I won’t question God on this but it just seems strange that we can’t rid of this thing.  Many people have said it and they must be right, God has something else in mind.  Or perhaps, something awsomely radical is about to happen.  And yes, that statement is straight out of the 1990’s.  You may take a moment to remember the coolness of that decade.  Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, plaid, Doc Martens, , EXTREMELY baggy pants, low rider trucks.  Now, low rider trucks, that’s a rant waiting to happen.  I mean, what was the point of lowering your truck so much that any old speedbump or coke can in the road would take out your transmission?  That’s cool?  Is that why I was such an outcast in high school?  Because I didn’t wear baggy pants, hate my parents and drive vechicles that were stupid?  Our 1978 Caprice Classic, now that was a car.

(Back on topic!) Anyone want to rent a house?  It’s quite pretty.  And I can safely say that Jehovah the living God has quite the active interest in it.

I put all this down just to get my thoughts out, and to ask you all to pray.  We would just like some clarity on what will happen.  We’re going for a renter, hopefully by November 1.  So pray that we get a good one that only needs the house for six months.  And if we don’t get a renter, pray that the Lord will provide every cent of finances we need; both to pay our bills down here and to cover the mortgage and the stuff back home.

Thanks everyone!


Oh ya, I forgot to mention.  If anyone is looking for an amazing realtor in the Calgary/ Airdrie area, I have one.  He has been working incredibly hard to get rid of our place and has succeeded in selling it twice in this market!  If only the people who were trying to buy our house had the same type of ability on their side to sell their place; we probably wouldn’t be having this incredibly wordy blog post now!

2 Replies to “House update – the wordy edition”

  1. I was thinking about your house today. That must be really hard to have to deal with its non-sale at this point. Incredibly frustrating.

    We will keep praying that soon God with reveal His will in this matter. If not soon, then that God will provide you with a perfect renter1

  2. Thanks Other Michelle! (aka PM or Phil’s Michelle) If we let ourselves get “into the moment” emotionally we get pretty frustrated as well. But overall we’re confident that we’ll be taken care of. Albeit somewhat painfully, but it’ll be just in time as always.

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