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Titles are overrated anyways. Do they really make you think “I absolutely need to read that post!” or the opposite “nah, I don’t think I really need to read that one.” ‘Cause you’re gonna read everything we post, right? Whether it’s something funny, or something boring or preachy. Or maybe even something written by Michelle that was as long as she is pretty? (just so we can get that simile straight in everyone’s mind, Michelle wrote a really long post yesterday which means she is really pretty. Got that?)

So then, what have I been up to this week? It doesn’t feel like much. But I suspect that as I write I will find I get as long winded as my adam’s apple is huge. 🙂

Class this week was on Intercessory prayer. The book/ video series we watched was called, ironically enough, “Intercessory Prayer” by Dutch Sheets. Dutch Sheets; that name is so cool. There are so many careers you could be in besides pentecostal prayer lecturer. Or if anything you can have your own line of bedding at Ikea. Although, the Dutch and the Swedish don’t like each other. I should know, I’m dutch. And whenever I see a blond haired, blue eyed person with an allen key and easy to follow instructions I just want to…

And we’re back! I learned an awful lot about prayer and the Christian’s right to have them answered. Not “Name it and Claim it” garbage though. Sorry if I insulted anyone with the term garbage, but that philosophy (I won’t allow you to call it theology) is so far off base it’s scary. But I’m fairly pumped to start praying more. And I need to. God wants me to, you could say He needs me to. I highly recommend the book. Find it, read it. Read it again because there is so much in there you need to go at it twice just to try and fathom it.

My ministry this week was firstly devoted to the nerd arts again. I like that term, if people who throw paint at walls or hang toilets filled with #2 in a window can be an artist so can I. And what I do actually matters. You should hear people on base freak out when the internet doesn’t work. Of course after I fix it there is not ONE word of thanks. They must all be Swedish. But I won’t go any further because I’ll get into a rage again. The network is working decently although we did find that one of our satellite dishes is not working. That stops me from making the network as perfect as I can, for now. I also have started looking for ways to improve the GFM website and registration process. I’ve got ideas and they may work. It will involve some hacking, but when doesn’t it?

Today was market day. I love market day. It’s so much fun. Everyone stares at the big white guy. And laughs, or looks a little scared. I’m just a big skinny teddy bear people! With a large adam’s apple that could take our your eye if you’re not careful. But I wanted to learn some new Spanish words while I shopped. So Chelsey, Jared and I set out to learn new words while we bought fruit, breads, yarn and candy. You know, the essentials. Oh ya, I needed to buy a new tape measure since I dropped mine in a tub of bleach water a few weeks back. Short story: I dropped mine in a tub of bleach water a few weeks back. Told you it was short.

So here are the new words we learned:

tape measure: mietro (I think)
yarn: tamarind (I actually think this was the colour. Miscommunication)
nectarine: nectarine (I asked the lady what it was called and she told me. I threw my hands in the air and laughed it was so funny. Might have scared her a bit)
kiwi: kiwi (again, laughter ensued)

So ya, I didn’t learn a lot of new words. But I am able to find out prices and pay the right one. And I don’t think the people are scamming me. Except that movie pirate guy who sold me 6 movies that all had English for 40 pesos. And they didn’t have English on them. Michelle got it right when she said it’s “our fault for trusting the pirate.”

Next week the MTS students are heading to the mountains for three days of camping, drinking water, praying, reading and other stuff. I did not say eating and I meant it that way (aka fasting for three days). Should be a good time. I don’t know what to expect. I don’t think it will be earth shattering, but if at some point I can have birds land on my arms and be surrounded by a couple of wild animals a la Ace Ventura then I will be satisfied. By the way, what kind of animals live in the Mexican mountains? I’m used to bears, cougers and moose. Here all I know of are bugs. Big, scary, mean bugs. I’ll let you know.

Church tomorrow. I doubt I will write anything about it. But if you want to know how it went, just read last weeks post! Oh ya, FANTASY HOCKEY DRAFT TONIGHT. I am so pumped hockey season is back. I will redeem myself from the poor results last year, although I did actually end up ahead in the money department. And the Flames are 3-1 so far in preseason. Which is both good and bad as I always say you can never trust preseason results. So what am I supposed to think?

See you after I have dropped a few pounds. Pray that God will be close, and the wind will stay low so I don’t blow away.


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