Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!  Welcome to 2011, the greatest year yet!  At least for me I think.  Simply because we get to experience the following dates:

  • 1-1-11
  • 1-11-11
  • 11-1-11
  • 11-11-11

Ever since Michelle and I started dating, we’ve always enjoyed when the digital clock said “1:11” or “11:11”.  It is our “special” time.  So this will be a fun year for us.  We’ll just leave it at that.

BUT, we also have 1-3-2011!  YES!  January 3, 2011.

Why is that so special?  I’m surprised you don’t know.  But then again, perhaps you don’t get to experience the awesomeness that is tomorrow.  I’m off tomorrow for the last of my Christmas vacation from work, but the kids have to go back to school.  You heard that correct.  The kids (well, the older two) are at school while I’m not at work.


Now we only have to find someone to take child #3 and the day is perfect.

I’m not a bad parent, I just enjoy a day without kids and work.

And any of you parents who aren’t nodding to that statement are either liars or you didn’t read that previous sentence fully.  Go ahead, read it.  I’ll wait.

There you go.

2011 is also the year that we finally get moving to Houston.  It seems like it has been ages since we started this process, but in reality it has only been about 6 months since we truly started working on it.  Last month I visited Vancouver for 24 hours to have a physical done.  The one that only four doctors in all of Canada could do.  And it wasn’t that special.  Although I did find a neat second hand book store in downtown Vancouver that sold mostly Korean (or was it Japanese?) books.  Thankfully I found the English section so I could buy a book to read on the flight home.  I also found a Chapters a block down the same street that was packed with people.  I thought about telling them all about the really cool place where I bought a book without lining up for an hour, but figured that my little Korean store would not have wanted that.  I’m just that nice.

Oh ya, and I was not the tallest guy at the doctor’s office.  I knew something was wrong with that other guy.  And it wasn’t that he was Australian.  But I realized I wasn’t looking down at this guy.  And not in the arrogant sense.  I was looking UP at his face.  I figured I might have been slouching or just standing odd.  But he was 6’9″.  Yikes.  Now I have an idea of what the rest of the world experiences with me.  Sorry about that, eh.

Up next is a trip to Montreal for my visa interview.  I leave in about three weeks.  And God willing that will be the last immigration hurdle to cross for us.  We would love your prayers for this trip.

The other thing we have to do pretty quickly is figure out what to do with the house.   And honestly, we have no idea what is going to happen.  Right now we can make a great case for selling or renting it.  So here’s what we’re going to do.


God will send the buyer (or renter) at the time it is perfect to sell (or rent).  We’ll put the house on the market as soon as I get my green card and just watch what God is doing.

And until then, we start packing to move.  And cleaning to show the house to potential buyers (or renters!).  The really cool thing is there is a lot of stuff that we cleared out last year for our garage sale.  And even better?  There are a lot of boxes that never really got unpacked since we came back from Mexico!  I was a little stressed about the amount of work to do to get the house ready to show, but there isn’t that much to do.  That’s pretty cool.

Here are some other updates.  We should have a US sending church confirmed in the next few months.  Which is pretty neat since we will have churches in Canada and the US that are praying for us.  This is a big deal for our ministry.

Financially, we’re still looking for people to partner with us in prayer and finances.  You can find out information on how to help us out at www.diks.ca/support.html.  All gifts are given to Commission to Every Nation, designated to us, and are tax deductible.

Also, you can visit the site of Global Frontier Missions to learn more about who we are working with.  They are currently looking for some summer interns to come to Atlanta and work with some refugee groups that are new to the USA.  If you are young and have an interest in missions, I would suggest taking a look.

Happy New Year everyone!

Enjoy your January 3 as well.  I know I will.


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