Great Falls!

The title sounded cool at the time I wrote it.  Kind of a super hero type of exclamation.  But since I didn’t find an open internet connection, here is a note I wrote earlier today in Great Falls, Montana.

Aug 30, 12:20 PM

Crossed the border at 10:30ish.  No problems.  Border guard looked a little amazed at the amount of stuff I had until I told him I was heading to Mexico where my wife and three kids would fly in to join me.  He asked me if I was planning to possibly move to Texas and I replied “No sir,I like it too much here” referring to Canada.  Not sure if that was wise but it didn’t cost me.

Arrived in Great Falls at 11:30.  Had lunch.  Once again made the discovery that a BLT does NOT have cheeze.  That’s the 2nd time in a couple of months that I have done that.  I don’t know why I keep ordering a BLT expecting cheeze, but I do.  And it should.  And yes, I know that then it would be called a BCLT.  But then again, isn’t cheeze an assumed part of any sandwich?  If not, it should be.

Great Falls apparently has waterfalls, and at least to some they’re great.  I didn’t see them so I can’t say for sure.  And I crossed the Missouri River in about 2 seconds which would probably make Lewis and Clark quite angry as it most likely took them a few hours and the loss of a good horse and/ or cook.


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