Getting Ready for Vacation

In one week!  We’re!  GOING!  to be!  ON VACATION!!!!!

(we’re a little excited)

This summer we decided to save our pennies and go someplace different.  So we’re headed to Orlando and Universal Studios.

As we planned the trip we realized that we’re going to be heading into new territory, meaning that we are taking our van into states that it has never been before.  Then we started thinking about all the places we have driven the van to/through.  It has been a LOT of places!  So we decided to make a map.

If I counted correctly:

3 countries, 3 Canadian provinces, 15 US states (adding in a few more this summer), a few Mexican states.  The Pacific ocean and the Atlantic.  (Does the Gulf of Mexico count as the Atlantic?) And about 140,000 km (87,000 miles) traveled since 2008 when we picked it up from some friends.  There is no way I could count the number of times a kid has thrown up.  But I can safely tell you that the number of times a kid has fallen asleep in it is 4.  Maybe 5.  But not more than that.  Why won’t they sleep in the van?

It’s been a pretty good vehicle to us.  And we’re still incredibly glad it has a DVD player in it!