Boring update

The internet connection has been spotty lately here.  A combination of people using it too much and bad weather (it’s a satellite connection).  But guess who gets to take a look at it and see if it can be improved?  That’s right, the tall skinny geek trying to get away from computers.

There has been a lot happening, kind of.  Nothing too amazing like fridge headed Mexicans or me making a fool of myself in a market.  Sorry about that.  It’ll happen again, don’t worry.

Here’s a sample of our daily schedule:

0630 – Prayer for the nations
– this is a time where all the Mission Training School (MTS) students get together to pray for one of the 6000+ people groups who have not heard the gospel yet

0800 – After trying to fit in a breakfast, it’s time for WISDOM which is our worship and bible study time.  Michelle and the kids sometimes come for the worship.

0930 – Class time.  4 hours of class time discussing various topics including the 1-3 books we read each week.  This week we have started off “slow” and need to have three books read by Friday evening

1330 – Lunch Time!  Always something delicious like tostadas or freshly killed pig (did I mention the story of the pig who had to die?  No?  I’ll get to it.  But she is tasty!)

1430 – WORSHIP time.  Not another praise and worship time but a fancy way to say chores.  Everyday (except our Sabbath on Monday) we work around the base to keep it clean and tidy.

Then after that we sometimes will go into Tlaxiaco for Pathways ministry time where we get involved in some kind of a community development project to assist us in our Spanish learning.  And to make inroads to our evangelism work.

Supper is sometime after that, and every Tuesday is TACO NIGHT!  We basically all crash a restaurant and they keep plates of fresh made tacos coming out until we’re all stuffed.

The days are very full.  We have to find time to do our homework, correspond with our supporters (I’d like to take this moment to thank all of you who have committed prayer and financial resources to our trip) and still somehow take care of our families.  I’m so glad I have the world’s most amazing wife and children.

Michelle and I went into the market by ourselves today.  We found a little hardware store to buy some stuff for our apartment.  We ended up being helped by Miguel who is actually trying to learn English.  He asked if we would help him.  We said sure if he would help us learn Spanish.  So we have already made one friend.  Please pray for us that we can grow this friendship.

The pig that I mentioned?  There were a couple of pigs on base who were there to eat scraps and look big and hairy.  The female ended up breaking her hips (I don’t know how) and she had to be killed.  At least that was the story I heard.  But the base staff decided to kill her so they brought in a few of the locals to do the deed.  It ended up being quite the event around here.  I do have some pictures and again I’ll get them up.  I just need a consistant internet connection to put them all up.

That’s enough for now.  I just wanted to update people on what we’re doing.  Oh ya, it rains a lot here.  A lot.


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