It’s a van raising!

  • Making turns at slow speeds causes creaking and clunking
  • Occasionally when it rains hard, water leaks into the passenger seat
  • The air conditioning doesn’t get as cold as it should due to an indiscernable leak
  • The left turn signal doesn’t return automatically
  • When you try to accelerate up a mountain highway it laughs at you
  • The keyless entry randomly stops working

At first, this started to sound like a list of everything Ryan goes through when he wakes up in the morning! But this is the summary of the repairs and issues that our family mini-van has. And it is not unexpected, it’s old! It sounds funny to look at an 11 year old vehicle as old and worn out, but that is the reality.

300,000K and still looks pretty good!

300,000KM and still looks pretty good!

A big part of that fact is how much we have depended on that van in the last 8 years. Since we wrote this last post, we added on a two month road trip from Texas to Alberta to British Columbia to Washington and back to Texas as well as regular miles around the city of Houston. That’s what family vehicles do! And ours has been amazing and we know that God’s favour has been with us. In spite of the almost 300,000 kms (190,000 miles) the van has only truly broken down once. And it was a dead battery in our parent’s driveway.

There have been some incidents though.

There have been some incidents though.

But now it is time to work to replace this van with another vehicle that we can use for eight or more years. And to do that, we need to fund raise. Or as we are calling it here, van-raising.

“Hold on a second. I can already see that you’re asking for money. Why don’t you go get a job and stop begging for hand outs?”

We get it, there are many people that look at the work that we do here in Texas as not a real job and how we get paid as begging. But you know what? We look at it as the most real job that we can do. We raise up Christians and teach them how to effectively make new disciples in areas of the world that have no churches and little knowledge of Jesus. As Christians, we see this as very important. This video explains more:

And as far as how we get paid? It’s not a hand out. We work. We pay taxes. In fact, we believe that when people partner with us in finances, they are making an investment in a business that will pay dividends into eternity. Any business needs financial investors to provide the capital to grow. Giving to missions is very similar to investing in a company that produces a product that you believe in.

All of that to say, we are asking individuals and churches to help us to reach our goal of purchasing a new (to us) family mini-van.

The goal: Purchase a mini-van with less than 60,000km (40,000 miles) and is 2-3 years (2-3 years) old

The budget: $20,000 (Canadian) or $17,000 (US)

  • The reason for the difference in amounts is that the equivalent vehicle in Houston or Alberta is actually the same price in USD or CAD. We are currently researching and praying on the decision of buying in Canada and importing into the USA, or spending a little more but not having the work and cost of traveling to Canada and dealing with customs
  • November 2016 UPDATE – We are now only $7,000 CAD away from completing the goal!
  • December 2016 UPDATE – Only about $3000 left to go!

The timeline: End of 2016. But we won’t start looking to purchase until we have the entire budget since we won’t finance.

How you can partner with us:

  1. Visit to join our partnership team. Both Canadians and Americans can use this link for a tax deductible gift.
  2. Contact us to let us know that your gift is to be used for the new van goal. We will then ensure that your gift is set aside for that purpose.
  3. Pray that others will join in this project
  4. Invite others to join in this project by sharing this page and having them contact us.

Like a barn raising, this is a project that gets done quickly when everyone works together!

The community comes together

The community comes together

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August Support Update

In order to keep our semi-regular email update focused on what we are doing this fall and winter, we are going to post some more details on items we were working on and talking about this summer. Please keep these items in your prayers and let us know if you want to join in on the team to see the needs fulfilled.

  1. Ryan’s surgery, healing and costs
    1. Praises – Ryan visited the doctor when we got back from Canada and it was confirmed that the post-surgery break was completely healed. (Note: there is a pretty cool story that goes along with this. It will be posted in the next few days.) The Dr was very happy with the results of the surgery and said no more visits were needed. Ryan is walking normally and has very little pain.
    2. Prayers – We have no more appeals that we can make to our health care co-op. The decision is final and they will not be covering the expenses through their normal processes. Instead, co-op members will be invited to give above their required amount towards our need. Please pray that we will be given favour with other co-op members.
      1. The total bill is around $12,000 USD (approx $16,000 CAD). We have had some money given towards the debt, but there is still a ways to go to eliminate it completely. If you would like to give towards this need, you can do it here on our website. Please let us know if your gift is intended to help with this request so we can direct it that way.
  2. Road trip complete! We got back after 4 days of driving and were definitely glad to be home. Two months on the road was a long time, but we had a lot of fun to go with the tiredness. Thanks to everyone who opened their homes to us and fed us. Thanks to all those who gave special gifts to help with gas, food and hotels. Thanks to all of you who listened to us talk about the work we are doing here in Houston and to those who joined our team as monthly partners. We posted some pictures from the last month in another post.
    1. Praises – At least 5 people joined our team or increased their monthly amount!
    2. Prayers – We are still looking for more partners to join the team to help offset the decline in value of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar. After taxes and exchange, we typically only see about 60 cents of each dollar given from Canada.
  3. Raising money for a new vehicle
    1. Praises – We’ve driven our current van all over the continent and the worst that has ever happened is a dead battery in our parent’s driveway. We are very aware that not everyone has this much favour and we spend a lot of time praising the Lord for the gift of this vehicle.
    2. Prayers – The mileage is climbing quickly on the van and we recognize that it would not be wise to continue driving all over the USA and Canada. It also was showing it’s age up every steep hill and mountain on the trip as our speed dropped pretty quickly. We are going to try and save up to buy something newer next spring. Obviously, the surgery expense needs to be paid off first. The approximate cost is going to be $19,000 CAD. We are saying it in Canadian dollars since our research is showing that the vehicle would be cheaper to purchase in Canada, especially with the exchange rate. If you would like to help out with this, please let us know so we can ensure your gift is put aside appropriately.

Thanks everyone! Your partnership in prayer and finances are making a difference in our city among the unreached. Please do not grow weary in this.

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More pics from the trip!

Here are some more pictures from our time in Canada and Washington this summer.

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2015 Alberta Trip – Update #2

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Here are a few more pictures from our trip.

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2015 Alberta Trip – Update #1

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We’ve now been away from Texas for almost two weeks! In that time we’ve done a “bit” of driving and have fully enjoyed our relaxing time at Ryan’s parent’s house in Red Deer. Here are some pictures of our time … Continue reading

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