And we’re home – too many KM’s

We’re back home in Tlaxiaco.  And it does feel like home.  It’s just nice to be back.  And that was way too much driving in that short of a period.  I’ve done that much before (more really) but this was a little different.  I suspect that it was because of the round trip nature. And that it was for a silly reason (renewing our visas).  And oh ya, Katria spent the last two days screaming.  And that girl can SCREAM.  I guess it is understandable when you are pushing through 5 teeth and sitting in car seat for 4 out of 5 days and 12+ hours each day.  Ya, I think we would all scream.

But what an easy trip overall.  We prayed for a couple of key things:

1. Vehicles to run – Both us and the Windhams ( were driving up in our vans and loaded with our familys (and Lindsay from Red Deer!)  We did not want a break down and PRAISE THE LORD both vans ran perfectly.  We gave them each an oil change in Texas as a thank you.  David washed his van too.  He obviously loves his van more than we love ours.

2. Kids to survive – Windhams have 4 kids (ya, I know.  That’s a lot) and we have three.  That’s a lot of kids and a lot of time in the vans.  Only 1 car sickness that I heard of and overall all the kids rocked.  Except for the screaming Katria thing which we already discussed.

3. Police to leave us alone – In certain areas of the trip, gringos like us are not appreciated.  I don’t know why.  They may see a lot of the ignorant ones and just decide to stereotype them all and then attempt to take whatever they can from them.  Usually money.  From just north of Poza Rica to just north of Tampico is a pretty annoying place to drive as a gringo.  The roads are brutal and you’re always watching for cops while they watch for you.  If they can, they will pull you over for an “infraction” and make you pay the “ticket” even though they never present a piece of paper.  Really?  I didn’t know it was a law that you can’t drive a black van in the right lane on Saturdays.

But the police left us alone for the most part.  There were a few examples of them pulling someone else over just in front of us, or somehow completely not seeing us even though we were right in front of them.  Total God thing from what we could percieve!  The two times we actually spoke to the police they let us go through with no issues.  And one of the times we deserved a ticket!  I owe David big for that.  Even the military overall didn’t bother us much.  Usually they pull us over every time and make everyone get out.  This time we only got pulled over twice and I was the only one that had to get out at one of them.  The other time they chatted for about 1 minute and then let us go.

So we got our visas for another 6 months, which is exactly how much time we have left here.  No super duper funny stories.  It was sure nice to spend an hour on the beach this morning though.  We dipped our feet in the Atlantic ocean today, and in three weeks we will be at the Pacific.  Cool.

OK, one reasonably silly story.  We’re on our way this morning planning to find a restaurant for food.  I am not very good at choosing places down here and I radio back (oh ya, we were using CB’s to talk) to David that he can feel free to choose a place and tell me to stop.  He radios to me “Sure.  Uh oh, you’re getting waved over.”

Sure enough, there is a guy in the middle of the road in what appears to be an official uniform pointing at me and waving me to the side of the road.  He also points at David and waves him to the side.  So we pull into the lot and park, expecting to have to talk our way out of a situation.  Except that we’re parked in front of a restaurant.

And that’s not a police uniform, he’s a waiter.  Oh.  I guess we’re supposed to eat here!  Good breakfast though!  The manager spoke good english and insisted on translating for us (we could have gotten our orders in without him, seriously!).  We found out he learned English in Milwaukee of all places.  Good times, and kind of funny how I declared I suck at picking restaurants so God just waved us into one.  What did He know that we didn’t?  Probably something cool, He is God after all.

American Thanksgiving at the base tomorrow.  They have to outdo Canadian Thanksgiving last month.  They should pull it off since there are more of them and they had more time to plan.  And all the stuff we just brought to them.  I don’t care, I’m eating pie tomorrow!


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  1. So glad you guys made it safely! 🙂 And poor little K! All those teeth at once combined with everything else! It’s a wonder you all survived 🙂

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