A card laid is a card played

First, I’d just like to announce that pee-van has finally been washed.  In the words of Al Bundy “I remember buying a black van.”  We’re all pretty excited around here.  In fact, one of the wives was just getting back from a trip to the US and saw the formerly-known-as-pee-van and said out loud “Who’s van is that?”

Here’s a question for you.  Today is the last day of our house being on the market.  And we have a showing at 4pm to a guy who seems to be interested.  And it’s the 14th (lots of good stuff happens on the 14th for us).  So in the spirit of God loving to move at the last minute, should I expect something to happen?

Or is it that since I have now announced it I ruined it.  I mean, I sometimes view God as someone who loves surprises and if we figure out the “surprise” before it happens then it either wasn’t going to happen or God will just change plans and deny that the original one existed.  It’s ok, He’s God.  He can do that.

I feel like I had to say it though.  Like when you have a really nasty thought about someone else and giggle in front of your wife.  Then when she asks you what’s so funny you say “Nothing that I should say out loud”.  Well I got news for you, you thought it so it’s already done and evil.  So just say it already.

I’d better go before I get in more trouble…


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