3D Road Trip: Day 3 – Look out! Aliens!

We decided to rename our trip in honour of us watching “Monsters vs Aliens: 3D” this afternoon in San Antonio.  We realized that we are 3D as well (3 Diks).  So there you go.  This road trip is in 3D baby!

We started out this morning by taking the van into the Dodge dealership.  The “check engine” light had been on for 2 months and I figured now that I had the chance to get it checked, I should.  I figured that it was a faulty sensor (when isn’t it one of those?), probably on the emissions system since we constantly scraped on topes.

I was right.  But it was an expensive correctness.  Our trip budget was doing ok, but it just got a lot tighter.  But we’re still trusting God to provide all the necessary finances.

The cool thing was that the mechanic understood that we were in a hurry and got the work done really quickly.  We then ripped up to San Antonio to watch the movie.  It was SUPER FUNNY.  We got out of the movie and into…

San Antonio Rush Hour!  And that’s not a Jackie Chan movie either.  But it wasn’t that bad.  It just slowed us down.  (Calgary should learn how to make traffic flow like that)

We ended up driving for 4 hours up to Abilene, Texas and got in just before 9pm.  The kids desperately wanted to hit the pool, so we did.  For about half an hour until they finally got too cold.  But it was a good way to wear them out.  When we got back, we prepared to call Michelle and when it came time for Jared to talk I noticed that he had passed out!  I guess he was tired.  Chelsey crashed about 20 minutes after that.  So ya, if you want to wear your kids out, I suggest three, 10.5 hour days of driving and getting up at 6:30 each morning.  Followed by a nice cold swim.  Works like a charm, but you really need to be committed to it.

Tomorrow should be a fun day.  We’re getting to sleep in tomorrow, then driving three hours to Lubbock, Texas and Joyland.  I love that name, it sounds like it should be the Christian Amusement Park that Ned Flanders opened.  Maybe it is!  But anyways, we’re going to go play for the afternoon.  Chelsey and Jared deserve it.  And then once we’re done we’re just driving for another hour to the next hotel.  Good times.

Thanks everyone for your prayers.  We can totally tell how much God is with us.  Please keep it up.

Ryan, Chelsey and Jared

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