2 down, 4 to go

Ouch, that doesn’t sound too good.  But the days have been ok so far.  The van feels really gutless going up hills, that could be the huge load of luggage or inferior American Gas.  I’ve been using mid-grade as the regular stuff has lower octane levels than Canadian regular.  But it is still cheaper than ours!

KM’s travelled today: 1033

I was planning to go all the way to Dalhart, TX today but ended up in Raton, NM.  I had already been going for 12 hours when I got to Raton and the weather is actually quite gross.  I don’t know what black clouds and high winds mean in New Mexico but where I come from it’s not a good thing to travel in.  So I grabbed a hotel room which means a shower tonight!

Really uneventful day today.  Took quite a while to get through the Denver area due to all the construction and accidents on the interstate.  Downtown Denver is amazing to see, totally makes Calgary’s look like puke.  Huge stadiums, beautiful buildings, etc.  I went through Colorado Springs which apparently has the head office of Focus on the Family.  There was a large sign to go visit their Visitor Centre and I was awfully tempted to stop there for a picture of some kind.  But the need to keep driving took over.

Tomorrow I had originally planned to go to San Antonio but that would be too much driving (12 hours at least for a third day).  So instead I am going to camp at the KOA in Junction, TX.  I slept outside last night which was nice and I am hoping to do the same tomorrow night.  I also checked the forecast for Hurricaine Gustav and I should avoid any problems from that.  Wish I could say the same for New Orleans.

Just to let everyone know, we haven’t had any offers on the house yet.  We’ve decided to try for 2 more weeks and if there is nothing happening then we will try and get a renter.  Our preference is still to get a buyer but we’re willing to be flexible.


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